When in Doubt, Chant a Chant…

When in doubt remember, you and I chose this time to live. If you want to complain about people and circumstances, remember you chose these moments. Long before you were born, life was laid out for you.

Complaining doesn’t do anything. If you have a problem with anything, shut up and do something about it.

The bottom line is: life is pure in all its intensity and grandeur, blood is life and to be alive you need to live.

Try this 40 day blessing. Print it out, look at yourself in the mirror every morning and chant this mantra.

(There are others that you can swap to fit your own vibe… good luck – remember the wellness and vitality of one woman is the wellness of us all!)

1. I am born to this earth.
2. to crawl on this earth
3. to walk on this earth
4. to run on this earth
5. to trip on this earth
6. to be lifted on this earth
7. to make mistakes on this earth
8. to hurt on this earth
9. to be forgiving on this earth
10. to find vitality on this earth
11. to have my heart broken on this earth
12. to find true love on this earth
13. to bring life on to this earth
14. to honor life on this earth
15. to feel lost on this earth
16. to swim on this earth
17. to make love on this earth
18. to live with my love on this earth
19. to fly on this earth
20. to make babies on this earth
21. to sing on this earth
22. to cry on this earth
23. to pray on this earth
24. to live in misery on this earth
25. to hate on this earth
26. to fail miserably on this earth
27. to find unbelievable beauty on this earth
28. to kiss all night on this earth
29. to fight for what you believe in on this earth
30. to hug on this earth
31. to drink on this earth
32. to walk naked in the mountains on this earth
33. to plant corn on this earth
34. to find community on this earth
35. to crave fried chicken on this earth
36. to be silent on this earth
37. to be rich on this earth
38. to have a fruitful vision on this earth
39. to be great on this earth
40. to expire peacefully, beautifully into and on this earth

We all belong here, right now, this moment, no doubts, no more doubts, only love and freedom;
A broken window creates the most beautiful reflections in a dark room.

http://youtu.be/N7zBDD-VN4w    Gift from my brother from another mother.

Peace my brothers and sisters..


17 thoughts on “When in Doubt, Chant a Chant…”

  1. Oh Roberto,
    No doubt in mind,
    No doubt in word,
    No doubt in deed.
    Y el secreto de la receta?
    El secreto es hacerlo con Amor,
    Con mucho, mucho Amor.
    Om, Ah, Hung.
    Su Rita

  2. Mirabal,

    for nearly 30 years it has been my intent to sing a chant every day. Most days I remember, but there have been some times over the years that I have been caught up in the struggles of daily life when I have forgotten.

    Here is a quote from my favorite spiritual author: “The higher you go in awareness, the more you expect of yourself, because Divine Spirit is saying to you, “There is always a better way to do it.” It gently nudges you to bring out the best.”
    —Harold Klemp
    The Language of Soul

    Here is the chant I like to sing. I try to remember to fill myself with love while singing this love song to creator. Sometimes I will contemplate a spiritual quote while singing it.


    Here is an example of many people singing the love song to creator listed above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23Z9l_Ni428

    If I did not still have things to learn, I would not have come to this earth world. I strive to live life fully, for besides being a spiritual being, I also have emotional, mental, and physical aspects. Obviously I have things to work on to improve. Something I have asked creator to make more clear to me in the next 12 months is: My purpose this lifetime and where will I best serve divine love.

    I respect people. We are all loved by creator. When my hopes and dreams include other people, I give them the permission to accept or decline that vision. One thing I am working on this lifetime is being better at listening and communicating. While I have strong self discipline in some areas (not using drugs or harming others etc) I am still working on some other things. Rather than totally stopping my addiction to cheetos, I have learned that I can control how much I allow myself to have of them.

    Because I know that what I send out to others comes back to me multiplied, I shall choose not to focus on # 25 on your list. Some on your list I have done, yet others I have not done fully. I will look to the knowingness within myself to guide me. When my time comes, I shall leave this body upon the earth and return to my heavenly home. It is very probable that I will come back to this earth again to learn anything I did not learn yet, and to pay off debts that I have created, as well as helping friends.

    I choose a path of no harm to mother earth, people, and no torturing of animals. Since there are carnivores and omnivores upon this earth, I know that creator intended some animals to become food. However may I always honor the animals who have given their life to become food for us. May we bring a swift merciful death to whatever creature is to be part of our meal. May we honor that soul by offering a small part back to mother earth, and by using all that we can of the body it used to wear.

    May I not judge others for the experiences that life is bringing to them for their learning. May I find compassion for everyone.

    Thank you for the reminder, blessings to all who read this,
    with love, light, music, and honor,

  3. In my dreams I’m always walking. Thank you, Robert Mirabal, for all your healing vibes. One day I hope you come to know just how much you do.

  4. I just wan to say many blesseings robert your my spiritual guide you live in me we share the dance in spirit me lubz

  5. Chanting is a blessed way of praying twice! In chant, uniquely we join our spirits with our God. Thank you for sharing your desire to chant daily. You inspire me!!
    God bless you!

  6. si is th condadi yon da ka si kea si onda ka dei. li

    Love your presence and your Spirit…..Thank you


  7. Wow! That is awesome. As I look back on some of my life experiences, I wonder why I was crazy enough to sign up for some of it, but I did. I would prefer to leave #25 out to but I know that in those times where we have slipped up and done it anyway. The realization and effort to make it right is the best lesson we can take away from anything that we find to be part of the shadow side of us.
    I look forward each week to your words as they continue to inspire me to be better and to love myself and take care of myself so that I can do that for others around me. Thank you Robert and many blessings to you.

  8. Mirabal,

    Surprised I would not be
    If a word secret your Kiva holds

    (Yoda speak)

    Some mantras may be shared with others
    Yet another mantra may come to you on it’s own
    you can sing it out loud when you are alone
    or silently on the inner if others are around.

    Mine is so secret, even I forgot it
    However I shall search again
    As we grow spiritually
    we outgrow our old secret mantra
    The right one for this step
    will be revealed to us
    after we have patiently
    done our best

    There will be a mantra that will always give
    some guidance and protection
    perhaps one of the following ones:

    Corn Dance,
    Medicine Man,
    Taos Mountain,

    blessings to you and all who read this
    may our prayers fly upon eagle wing
    to bring hope and strength to all who need it.

    in Honor, Compassion, and Caring,


  9. PEACE Robert,
    One of my mantras is as follows…

    First thing in the morning I start my day with similar thoughts to these.

    Thank you for a new day.
    Let me be my best under any circumstances that may arise.
    Remember each breath brings a fresh perspective.
    Stop and smell the earth’s fragrances.
    Look up often.
    Smile and know you are loved and you love.
    Feel the earth under food and step softly.
    Listen carefully.
    Pay close attention.
    Be in the moment.
    Be real with yourself and others.
    Be thankful and give thanks.
    Much love to all who read this, may it bring you some peace!
    Thank You Robert:)

  10. Robert – My sister believes that we choose to be here at this time to learn something specific. (I don’t know – still thinking that over) When my son died she said she was sorry that had to happen to me and I said why shouldn’t it happen to me? She smiled and said, “you know, the two of you made a decision to come here and be mother and son and walk through this lesson together. Sometimes I think she’s crazy and sometimes it feels like she could be right. And most times I feel like I’m standing in the hall waiting for a door to open…..

  11. Dance for me the dance of the old ones…
    Sing for me the songs of the past ones…
    Hear the words passed down to us…
    Feel there strength and power…
    These are who we are…
    This is our Heritage…
    This is the spirit of our hearts…
    This is the sound of the Buffalo and Eagle and Wolf and Bear…
    This is the Voice of the One who created all things…
    Let it wash your soul clean and fill you with hope…
    We are One Nation…
    We are Proud yet Humble…
    We are Strong yet Gentle…
    Listen to the sounds of the Earth calling your name…
    Peaceful Blessings BY Awaikeena Winddancer Rainwolf

  12. Mirabal,

    I wrote down your list of mantras on my calender… today says “to drink on this earth” which reminds me, I often am in a state of dehydration, so you reminded me to drink more water.

    Thank you,
    in honor and compassion,

  13. Cara,

    you are a beautiful soul (as is anyone reading this)

    Like your sister, I too believe that we have signed up for certain lessons before this lifetime. I bet that your son and you had many lifetimes together before this life as well. My gut feeling is that he had a debt that needed repaid before he could progress spiritually in his next life, and you helped him to be able to do that.

    We always miss being able to hug loved ones who have stepped out of the shell of their physical body to go to the next world. May you find comfort from his visiting you either in your dreams or in your wakeful times. Maybe he is a guardian angel for you.

    My grandparents believed that parents should not outlive their children, however my dad went first. Now they are all together as both grandpa and grandma passed. Grandma did share with me that dad, visited her. (after his fatal heart attack) She asked him if he was going to stay. He said that he could not, but he wanted to be sure that she and Grandpa were alright. (He was their firstborn child, and only son. They loved him dearly. They were also the first responders and did cpr until the medical crew arrived.)

    blessings to you.
    giving you compassion and a listening ear,

  14. Today, on my calender, in pencil it says, “to crave fried chicken on this earth” — nothing wrong with a little fried chicken. (I believe that fried chicken is one of my “ancestral foods”)

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