Travel day insanity/ Travel assitant Bro…

It’s Monday morning and the insanity begins I’m writing this at the airport as the capitan of the Delta flight gives us bad news saying that flight well be delayed to Atlanta because of mechanical issue’s, I don’t know if its me but in the last year or so traveling has gotten from a kind of excitement to a Post-traumatic stress anxiety, not knowing whats gonna happen as you wonder around in daze with all the travel zombies in khaki shorts and suits, and now the way too stressed lady at the ticket counter is yelling out options or more problems.
everyone grabs there cell phones to try to re-book flights well see what happens traveling is not fun… when the part they need to fix the plane is where i need to be to catch my next connection.
This is not reality yet it is and yet its not. Now how does the latest anxiety breathing technique work when its way to early?
Now people are freaking out…Texting, calling, talking, in the end your not in-charge when your at the mercy of an artifice.
Hopefully the bag i packed at 3 in the morning is not over 50lbs, and it will make it home.
Did i pack all my flutes in properly?
Hopefully when the TSA-robots check my flute-case that they re-pack them properly, i have had many cracked flutes and shattered gourd rattles doesn’t feel good when crushed items fall out in a powder form, Im trying as much as i can not to stress with the rest.
This is when you need the trusty ole roadie Bro…
I sometimes travel with a roadie, actually an assistant who doesn’t let me stay up to late, or wake up to late or remember my room number, eat green not a fried something, he knows the directions from one place to the next, always giving me water, and a breath mint, dare i say he is more like a Nanny making sure i get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep or buffers my actions and over extending myself, he has to be the right person at all times, and knows when to play Marley or Lady Gaga, heehee.
Mechanic, Driver, Technician, Joker, Friend, asking, “did you do an idiot check?” Ive left some really important things back stage and in hotel rooms because i didn’t do the in famous, “Idiot Check.”

Traveling as you all know can be pretty abusive even when going on vacations which sometimes feels more like work then a get way to replenish your energy.
I’ve had many Bro’s travel with me and its at your most weakest and vulnerable state when you miss the “bro’s.”
No matter how good the weekend was or how amazing the clam chowder was at crab cake Joe’s in the end no matter how relaxed you thought you were staring at the sunset and the rise of the moon over the ocean that all goes away when the plane taking you back home falls apart.

Any way my friends in the cyber world this is a glimpse of my job.. heehee somehow i get where i need to go eventually, at times its bumpy and at times it flows with ease, either way i have to stand in some line to find the way…
wish the weary soul sanity until the Starbuck’s (I have another choose name for them) opens…heehee
This all a dream i will be home soon.ahhhhhhhhh!
Love you all!


9 thoughts on “Travel day insanity/ Travel assitant Bro…”

  1. Hi Robert,
    I can relate. The idiocy of travel. Little mice darting to and fro. Eyes glued perpetually to the devices of cyberspace.
    The best way to hit the open road and travel is either on a Harley riding the wind, hearing the sexy roar of a shovelhead, or hauling horses to Las Vegas, NV, or winding through mountain roads, just you and your big rig hauling 300 bales of hay. That’s travelin’!
    Hope you are safe and sound.

  2. The trick is not worry, so what if you miss a flight, there will be a next one. I have missed flights all over the world, Rome, London, Chicago even got stranded after 9/11. But I always got wherever I was going.
    I just look at the sticker on my suitcase issued many years back by SWAIA with the clock without hands, Indian time… very relaxing

  3. Robert…I flew for work for many years..
    .At the end…My body, mind and soul said stop….I did.
    Thanks for the reminder…
    The Journey must be worth the reward.
    Last time I flew…it was for a trip to Taos….
    Loved Every thing and every minuet…..
    Except the Flight.

  4. Robert,
    There’s no place like home!
    I too get so frazzled when I fly! I have so many thoughts and emotions flowing through me all at once. This is flying for pleasure! I can only imagine how it would feel to have a favorite instrument broken, one you love and made with your own hands. Heartbreaking I’m sure! Let alone the pressure of having to perform without it. What you wrote here gave us the smallest glimpse into that reality, your reality! You put your whole heart and soul into everything you do, pour it out for others to enjoy and grow from!!! Know in your heart, how much I appreciate you and all that you do for the whole world. May you always have safe journeys that bring you home again!
    Mil gracias hermano en espiritu.

  5. Mr Mirabal,

    it is good to have a true friend help with the idiot checks. Perhaps we all have those times when we forget something important that is obvious to that friend who helps check on the details.

    May all your flights get you where you need to be, and may you, your regalia, and your instruments travel safely.

    I wish your flutes could fit in the overhead bins on planes so that you would not have to trust their safety to the “ground crew”, the in flight stability, and the stacking methods used in the industry.

    Blessings to you and all who read this.


  6. Life is a journey my friend. Your ride has been very eclectic. Continue doing what you do best. Enjoy this ride called life!

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