Things That Worked and Things That Didn’t Work – Things That Keep You Alive.

Humanity; We only reach for it when our guilt has overcome us and we can’t sleep at night… Me.

Nurture me, fight for me like you would the last seed of love.

I’m sure you have been on the shit end of a stick at one given time or another. Usually, if you’re righteous in your choices, it’s because you have just become a whore gone good, a reformed ghost, a type of reincarnation, an evolutionary epoch that people can’t handle.

At any given time, you will be on the top of the list of Bull-Shit that people speak about during Sunday breakfast after church – what he did, what he said, what he was wearing, who he was with, and so forth. It always starts out with, “Did you hear?”

To some extent, I have been on that proverbial breakfast table for sometime, especially since the community I come from is so small, an insipid nature at best.

My friend told me a few weeks ago that he walked into one of these sessions and he told his family, “Don’t you guys have anything better to do? Go outside and pick up the piles of dog shit you kick round your own yard…!”

Very few like to see anyone succeed in their choices. Human nature is simple – it’s a blind dog eating and another blind dog world and few ever walk very far from the source of the stench.

These are a few things that have worked, and I’m sure you have others in your bag of tools:
1. Communication, clearly and precisely is important. Anyone can vaguely say that’s a type of pink flower. By the end of the day it’s a green weed.
2. A great partner is self regulating – he or she can handle her own piles of crap with or without you.
3. Small conflicts or even big conflicts shouldn’t destroy the relationship and one should not cower from them. They should be the pillars – the foundation that sets the tone of the future. What doesn’t kill us makes us weary or stronger as some say.
4. The need for compatible physical comfort. A kiss on a cold trail makes your heart warm.
5. My children need the best teachers that I can offer to them – so my choices should be strength, inspiration, and the patience to understand.
6. Everyone has a soul purpose – when we find it is when we finally are born. How can you offer anything to anyone if your soul purpose is lost or not yet found?
I have seen a 13 year old with a soul purpose and I have seen a 47 year old who has never even contemplated theirs, living someone else’s soul purpose, thinking it’s theirs until thrown out on their own.
7. Rest; Rest from the world is a must to find solace in your brain, juggling in your loss of words.
8. I need to know and admit that half of everything is mine. Me calling to it, I must be as admirable in my losses as I am in my blessings, “What am I calling into my corner?”
9. forgiveness; that’s my hardest one i have, easy to say hard to live by.


This spring and summer was amazing. I praise all those who have showed me the way to me, and I hope I did the same for you all. The harvest of the soul is the best harvest, and we only understand it when we have done the work of pulling out all the weeds that kill your source and to feed it the best loving nutrients it needs..



20 thoughts on “Things That Worked and Things That Didn’t Work – Things That Keep You Alive.”

  1. As usual very thought provoaking!
    Thank you for your deep insight Mirabalman!
    Have a safe journey in KS,


    Thank you for sharing your insight.

    you remind me that I heard a minister mention that “Gossip is a sin.”

    A few months ago I asked creator to show me what my life’s purpose is this lifetime. (I was asked to ask a question that I wanted to get the answer to within a year.)

    I notice that penciled on my calendar it says, “to be silent on this earth” so I shall take more time before I fully answer this blog.

    May you enjoy the wishes, cards, and gifts that you received for your Birthday, may creator protect you in all your travels, and if you feel tired or low, may the scent of oranges or white fir lift your spirits.

    with respect, honor, and love,


  3. I’ve learned that forgiveness occurs when I am finally able to accept the notion that the past cannot be changed. Not my original idea, but a borrowed principle that has been working for me for some time now.

    I enjoy reading your posts but have never felt like I needed to add anything. Hopefully I have gifted you a thought in your very open life that will bring you comfort and joy.

  4. wonderful words on this wild full moon day after crazy eclipse, thank you for this … so grounding. <3 🙂

  5. There is one thing about gossip that you should always remember, people gossip about someone because he’s doing good.
    It’s when they pity you, when you have to worry about it.

  6. I read your blogs..Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry,sometimes my soul aches for what it needs and I have not found it yet…My heart breaks for the messes I have made and for those who do not understand me and yes, for those who invite me into their breakfast tables…..My Spirit angers for the tongue waggers who have nothing better to do then give me a reputation of ill wills…

    Through it all, Robert, the Creator has given me much strength, much happiness, a power of forgiveness I thought I would never have…I am so very blessed as I know you are….

    There is only two things I now cry out for….a strong deep friendship and many hugs….Yes, My body longs for HUGS..

    Though I have never met you, I love your beautiful soul and Spirit.. and always remember, I give you hugs always.

  7. Thank you for the truth that is in your words. So many are afraid to speak the truth and speak from the heart. You Robert are a rare one indeed.

    Many blessings my friend,

  8. Robert,
    Like you, I too really struggle with forgiveness. It seems like it should come easier, but it doesn’t. I try to forgive, but I can’t forget. It is so hard for me to just put it behind me. When I look deeply into the issue or situation, I hold myself to a certain standard and I want to hold others to that same standard. It can be crazy making at times! I have always fought hard for justice, I want to right wrongs. I can’t abide be used or using others.

    My mom would tell me: Beautiful is, what beautiful does! That applies to everything.

    We learn from our mistakes, I hope!
    We learn from other’s mistakes, a smarter path?!?

    What I continually learn from you!
    Plant good seed, love your children, create, speak the truth (even when it is hard or even hurts), make your own beautiful music, be one with nature, stay true to yourself, be real with others, notice the beauty around you and in you, love deeply even if it breaks your heart, BE!….
    You inspire me! I only hope from time to time, my words touch you.
    On your birthday I drank chai, very good chai from an excellent Indian restaurant. I thought of you and sent you good wishes.
    Love and respect!

  9. I like what you said Linda, and I agree… although I didn’t drink chai on Robert’s birthday lol.

  10. Dear Robert,

    I needed your strong and direct words. Yes you did show me the way to me but also to community. Sometimes we start to get lost
    “again” in the “superficial”. Thank you for helping me stay out of that “trash” and staying connected to my loving source, father, creator, man on the mountain. If I were there I would shake your hand and someday I hope to have that honor.

    Enjoy all the beauty and have a wonderful day.


  11. Hello Robert, Wow, what sentiments and so powerful to read. I had a discussion today with a writer who is writing about the in betweenness, the thinness, where water overlaps land, whatever it is that takes us out of our ego and into the realm of our soul. I guess that is what it is. Just as our animal species cannot stop the destruction of their environments by mankind, so it goes with our own survival. Instinctively change kicks in, we start to move, we stop and resist, we let go. I would love to see you in Melbourne, but not sure I can. Still it is one day at a time for me. With gentle winds upon you, peace and love, Nancy

  12. Hi Robert – thank you for this blog. I so needed to hear this today. I am going through a very tough time right now , fighting to save my family for my little boy, but I realize that I cannot control other people’s actions or decisions, just my own. And right now I am on that bullshit stick, but I know in the end, I will be stronger and better for it. I guess I need this hardship in order to grow ….
    Happy Belated Birthday Robert ! 🙂
    Mary …

  13. Robert- What a great commentary!! This one really hit home for me! I don’t know what the circumstances were that you were born with so much compassion and insight, and then so willing to share it, but we have all been the beneificiaries of those gifts. Thanks so much and bless you and your lovely family!!

  14. MIRABAL,

    This weeks blog speaks of things I have been going through, as well as pointing the way for me. I am on the path to better communication, and know it has been an issue. Sometimes I find it easier to write than speak because I can rewrite it and it will say what I mean. However there were times when I said I promise something, when really it was an intention; because I did not have the ability to accomplish it within the time expected: Life threw things at me which made it impossible. Also, when i write in a hurry, I may write something different than I thought — due to my brain going faster than my typing.

    I resolve to follow my dreams, and I may stumble. Yet my sight is set which makes it easier to get back up and try again. Your words have helped me along the journey to discover myself. I was “going nowhere” which was stagnating my inspiration and concealing my soul purpose. I realize that perhaps I have been too easy going which led me to jump into decisions that should have taken more time. (I should have considered what career I would enjoy so much that I never felt like it was “work”) I am grateful for the learning that I have had along the way, but now it has come time to hunt down my dream career and embrace it wholeheartedly.

    As for those who gossip, psychologists and spiritualists would say that when a person gossips, they are seeing something in themselves, and it may or may not be true about the person they think they are talking about. Psychologists mention something about it being the reflection in the eyes of the person they are judging. While Spiritualists have said that the person gossiping is either seeing something in themselves that needs looking at, or they are setting themselves up for more in depth learning about what they have been gossiping about. — for example a religious leader had noticed that about a week after he and his wife would gossip about problems that other couples were having, that he and his wife would be having fights. They just thought it was a natural part of being married, however when they stopped gossiping, they no longer had those fights. —

    Thank you for being you, and I am grateful for your insight.

    With respect, honor, and love,


  15. Wow! So much wisdom and understanding in those words of yours, Robert. I agree that all of those things (1-9) are important and not easy to live by but we all must try every day.
    People used to say that I was unapproachable and had trust issues. They were right because I grew up fighting for everything I could, especially my independence, and I still do. For years, I communicated better in written word than talking and it is still the reason I write today. I put my whole heart into it and gave until there was nothing left to give. My friend once reminded me that I couldn’t help anyone else, until I helped myself. She was right.
    I stepped out on trust with people more times than I can count, despite the fact that it didn’t end well most of the time. But I keep trying and it is still hard to trust, forgive and forget, and keep going no matter what, but what else do I have, do any of us have, if not to keep going?
    I cherish your words and often learn something new from them each time.Please remember this – when someone is gossiping about you, they are leaving someone else alone. Gossiping isn’t right either way but the majority of people out there are out of balance and have nothing better to do with themselves or their time. Think of all of life and Mother Earth that they miss.
    We must stand up & stand in balance and have faith that the Creator will see us through this journey. Many blessings to you, Robert.

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