Be the warmth you desire, or something like that.


“HATE” is a strong word.┬áI┬árarely use it, although today as I get older, “I HATE being cold.”
It’s alright to say it’s “DAMN COLD HERE!”

The snowy months have a strange way of painting a picture of your life, past present and future.

The hyperborean times gives you a sense of yourself that nothing else can give you, FEAR, POVERTY, DOUBT, HUNGER, LOST, ETC…

Just go outside and feel it, truly feel it, sit in a cold house, walk in the snow for an hour without a coat, step into the ice world without shoes, field dress in two feet of snow as the sun sets, sleep on hard, frigid ground, dance naked, dig a grave.

Two things happen and both those things will be fired up by some kind of emotional tangent,
1. Run back in and say this is stupid!
2. Or you will receive the gift, however it’s not gonna be without some kind of tangent, whatever comes about these will have to be brought on by some mental emotional quandary. The cold doesn’t mess around.

Since I’ve been home for a spell my body has been a bit frazzled and not as strong, I used to say, “the cold gives you a name, YOU ARE OLD…” haha yes getting there and the bleak does give you that name. Continue reading Be the warmth you desire, or something like that.