Resolution’s/ Blue Corn, the Journey Tour Shots

My Resolution.

I’m not much of a resolution writer or any of that stuff, not much a social bug either. I spend much of my time alone or with my girls. Even with relatives, I tend to do what needs to be done and shy away from the hoopla. I always wanted to be the life of the party. I wanted to be the kid that others wanted to hang out with. However, I was more like the psycho introvert, much more like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse now, watching the people from afar.

This attitude can seem curt or at times egotistical, however, it isn’t. I just can’t deal with large groups unless I’m the one they’re there to see haha.

Resolutions: I figure they keep you grounded to the rules that you set up for yourself that may or may not come to fruition. It’s a beautiful set up to failure, an angel with a smiling face that guides you into hell, heehee.

Don’t get me wrong it’s just, that to me, life is too erratic to conform it into one holistic form, if you get my drift. Continue reading Resolution’s/ Blue Corn, the Journey Tour Shots