Ocarina Visions & Morning Mist Butt Kicker

I’m sitting here at my favorite little coffee dive (no, I’m not saying where this place is), thinking about all the insanity of the last few weeks. Since I have come home from Peru the shit hit the fan, big time, as I found that the people I had put so much faith in had basically set me up in a field for everyone to take their pot shots at me. The damage control on the postponement of the PBS special has been brutal. However. everything for a reason, right?

Another thing that has been odd is that the increased energy of women has become extremely overwhelming for me. My three girls, who I love dearly, came back home from Peru and I’ve been working on setting up their new lives, rooms, bed, school, language, culture, corn fields, clothes, laundry etc…  I don’t know what happened but it seemed like a free-for-all the last couple weeks on the Facebook page and my email too. Maybe it’s all the dancing and running, not to mention we’re going into the pollen season for the corn maidens. Ugh… makes me wonder what gives people the right to be that way to me. Man, if I was ever like that to others I would be thrown in jail or in some mental hospital with all the insanity of restructuring. I really just feel like hanging up the proverbial towel, heading to the hills and disappearing.

ANYWAY… Whatever, Mirabal, COWBOY UP! Right?  Everyone has stuff they deal with, even worse than me. Haha, it’s actually a joke as I read my firs paragraph again, shit, I’m pretty damn lucky!!! And, I’m a bad ass ’cause I just did a 9 miler in the morning mist. My body is strong, my legs haven’t given up on me in all these years of pounding the earth. Ahhhh, I’m still drinking my chai, my girls went to hopi with their grandma, auntie and uncle and they’re strong and they always are so amazing and inspiring. I’m surrounded by beautiful faces and bodies… all the craziness can kiss my ass, I’m still here… and blessed. Continue reading Ocarina Visions & Morning Mist Butt Kicker