A Little About Flutes..

Sometimes I feel like I need to hear another pentatonic scale like I need a hole drilled into my head. The intensity of the tone can be overwhelming at times. It chose me a long time ago to feel these tones from a place inside me that needs to be reawakened.

You see when I started playing these flutes, there were very, very few people playing them and making them. It’s been close to thirty years that I have been playing and dabbling with this instrument. The generosity and love it has to offer has been immense. It has taken care of many many native families as well as non native flute makers. In the last twenty years or so, this musical implement has had an impact that no other instrument has in the USA and abroad.

The old timers used to say that this instrument makes its way back to the people, to be heard when love is needed in the world, and it seems more than ever that LOVE is what we need today. In anything we do, first thing is love, humility, forgiveness and thanks. Simple prayers for a simple life, nothing more to complicate things.

These aspects are what make my instruments what they are. I feel too many times people who have not not been raised like me dictate for the world the wooden flutes of old.

To me it’s a term I’ve used “Simple Science” play and pray. If you feel you breathed out a wrong note, make the next note the right right note. There are no rules for playing or making these flutes, the only rules are made by human hands and human minds. The bottom line is to just experience the sounds and embody the energy of the maker.

I recently started making flutes again. I love making them. It has never been something I felt was not my calling. The growth process and the old school knowledge hand in hand with inspiration, knowledge, trust and belief make up my flutes. Continue reading A Little About Flutes..