Things I’ve Learned from Running/ Farming.

Friedrich Nietzsche—as well as everyone else has said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”
I’ve lived this harsh dumb way and I don’t think I’m all that entirely on board with that thought.

On the pueblo today, there are way too many blind and conscious choices; things that could hurt you, maim you and even kill you. However, sometimes they don’t kill you, they leave you considerably weaker.

I’m more inclined to agree with Forrest Gump with, “stupid is as stupid does.”

History is gone, unfolded and just a memory. Yesterday two of my kiva brothers found an arrow head tip. I found an old calvary spur, rusted and aged, as we worked the fields. I thought as I looked at the aged field, one thing for certain is we age, grow wider, move slower, laugh deeper, love more fiercely, cry with conviction.

For me, as I looked at the mountain and the sunset, I craved the moment of running. Through it all, running was there for me, whenever and wherever I needed it.

I was the lucky one, the loco-one, who loved the moment of feeling the strain, the dire need to reach the top no matter how hard it hurt. Too many people in my home and lots of other folks want something for free – for nothing – well farming and running doesn’t work that way and neither does life. Continue reading Things I’ve Learned from Running/ Farming.