Well, the days seem to drag on when you’re feeling blah and when you’re happy they fly, especially as we all get older and older. Hey, just be happy you’re still here. Heehee.

Life goes on, drags us kicking and screaming, and this is how fast life drags us…, “THEY” say the earliest evidence of any human beings in what is now called New Mexico, dates from about 20,000 years ago, give or take a hundred years. This evidence has been found near the mountains of Sandia near Albuquerque. The Taos people call these mountains the “Medicine Mountains.” This so-called Sandia man later was joined by some other crazy corn loving nomadic hunters—and the other hungry awesome travelers–the Clovis and Folsom people – from the northern and eastern portions of the country. Eventually, more stragglers tasted the corn of the people where the Cochise culture flourished in southwestern New Mexico (today’s modern kin are the Apaches) from about 10,000 to 500 BC.

The Ancient mound builders and Mogollon people tilled small farms in the southwest from 300 BC to about 100 years before that dude (Columbus) was  ever born .

There is no account of our history celebrating, partying with corn beer when we were in darkness and the great flood…anyway. Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR!