The Unlikely Hero/ I Had a Dream About Us.

I used to have an odd sensation as a boy, when things were much more alive than they are now and I was more aware of the simple presence of life’s affirmations and such. There was a place near the Day School where I would hear a radio, and I knew it was just in that area that I would hear random music playing. That went on for about three or four years more or less, I can’t recall, and I assumed that all people would feel or hear that sensation. Even to this very day when I take the girls up to school in the morning, I often look at the place where I would hear “things.”

We often, as dumb adults, think that children or people less fortunate are not so bright, often assuming that they don’t know much, when in fact, they usually are the ones to carry us out of our collective dementia. The unlikely, unlikeable farmer becomes the least likely hero.

I have seen lately some amazingly sad situations in my own community that will befall the unsuspecting toll on our future generations. We are not exempt from frailty. We must expect the unexpected, prepare for the worst battle, cause I seriously feel we can’t make it here in this place anymore. Bad booze, bad coke, bad food, bad thoughts, bad politics, bad money, bad roof, bad truck, bad gas, the list goes on and on.

“Talk to to the corn so there is no misunderstanding, now I place you in the ground and you will grow tall and they shall eat – my family and friends who come from afar…”

I had a dream about us the other night. We were sitting in that beat up old country squire. I can see it as clear as if it were  just yesterday. You said, “I’ve had enough of this small town bullshit. I’m gonna drop out of school. No more. Not staying in school. I’m going out to California, and man it won’t be long – as soon as I get my license.” Continue reading The Unlikely Hero/ I Had a Dream About Us.