“My Time is Now!” said, a burning monkey.


For those of you who believe in the unique Chinese astrology, 2016 is the year of the Fire-Monkey.

It is believed to be unlucky for people who are born in the year of the Monkey. Fine and dandy until they sprout out their wings, bounce around the floor, scary dry throat howler monkeys knocking at your door.

“Monkeys” are particular about their health, love lives, career, and investments. Be careful though not to fling your poo at people, or try to open a door with a mon-key.

Hahaha – enough of the Monkey business (cymbal crash)


These are times of intense disclosure and radical visions. Most of you are lying beside each other – mind blowing,  sweet honey, basking in thunder struck dreams. These are the sunsets of formation, bleeding on sheets, where lucid night visions receive CPR from an incubus. Where crones awake to eat my soul and vomit the remnants of a once useful Hanuman prince, a prince who became a screaming dragon.

Crones, breathing, bouncing naked from boulders to stones to walk ways, to liberate banshees of old and lost. The nights when brave men freeze with the howls of freed banshees from the old wars against Ravana and stay under their blankets.

These are the mornings Sita awakens me early, with giggles, bites and scratches. As the sun rises, she straddles over me, wild hair, crazy in her eyes, florescent green breast nuzzled by the mercury, chlorine colored oblivious sun. Lips that turn red with only what happens under here, her gaze looking through me into another time of forever… Continue reading “My Time is Now!” said, a burning monkey.