My Tamale Western Movie Song…

hee hee yah haw
hee ya ho! hee hee yah haw
hee ya ho! hee hee yah aaaaw
hee ya ho!

There was a time I thought I knew your name
I took for granted the moment you gave me directions to your heart
I didn’t take the time to find out anything
I fell in love with the first glance whatever that meant it happened to me
at least I can say that it happens.
I went west she stayed in her hills singing a different dance singing a different dream.
With every mountain I climbed I knew that home would never be the same ever again I would love her to the ends of time.
In all lakes and river they will collide as one eventually
everyone one day will see me float past the moment
near lower Arkansas in Colorado I was shot by a militia
bloodied and fading fast I ran the horse until I saw the blood of Christ mountains.

Nearly dead late that night I reached the outskirts of Santa fe
chased by a cloaked band of riders
singing songs of death
I knew I would never see her ever again
as they chased me into the Purple Pecos sage hills
I heard the old Spanish-gitano music faintly across the Cottonwood lined road
I made chase up the road desperate as a shot man
I fell upon the sand stone walk way.
in a misty haze I saw the hollyhocks in full bloom, red roses of a different time.
everything was everything and nothing
as the sun straining set like a lie. Continue reading My Tamale Western Movie Song…