Take Time for Yourself…Find a Sunset to Breath in.

Are you feeling lost, sad, angry, lonely or all the above? we all go through those emotions at different times in our busy lives.

The best thing for your heart, your soul and mind on any given day is to be near nature or in this case my horse.
we more often than not disregard the connection of man to animal to Earth Mother.

We all must make the time for ourselves to regain the spirit, reconnect to the original source; Work, family and bills will always be there when you come back.

Never fear the moment when you have a better connection to your farm, fields, music, dance and horses than to your friends, colleagues and/or cell phone, is the moment when you can offer yourself in a deeper more attentive way.

Escape is a must until you find the true source of inspiration.
No sync button, No law, No headphones. No artifice, No unrealistic masters.


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