Thanksgiving – Day of Fasting.

I’m always up for some party or another. The laughs, getting together and of course the free munchies and such. Thanksgiving is such a party, although, it’s Thanksgiving everyday to some extent. After a certain age, I figure you better be pretty darn thankful for just waking up – heehee.

On that day there’s a huge parade. When we were youngsters and had a little battery powered TV, we would save the juice so we could watch the annual Macy’s day parade. There is the usual football hoopla. I don’t watch much sports and so I don’t really care to sit around and yell at a TV. Also the annual Taos Pueblo Headstart Pow Wow event used to be a huge party.

Of course in between is the food. I don’t eat much turkey these days. I guess it’s not my choice of meat, although, you might say, “I am a legg man..” heehee. Oh yeah, don’t forget the insanity of BLACK FRIDAY.

This year I will be alone. I figure I will do my own spiritual protest. I will fast all day, ride my Appaloosa to the hills and contemplate life.

This is my reason why. It may not be for the faint of heart but read on if you like my gravy.

I did a bit of research on this day we call “THANKSGIVING.”

In the old, olden times in England, “thats over there.” (lip point), there was word and stories going around in the pubs of paradise, just a short little boat ride across the Atlantic, no rules, no fences, just a bunch of land for the taken; So curiosity got the best of some of them Puritans with there drab dark cloths they jumped the boats for a better land a land of freedom, they began arriving by the boat loads. There were some battles with the native inhabitants, however, they were doing what Puritans do best, doing their God given right to rule. Continue reading Thanksgiving – Day of Fasting.