Harvest Moon – Check in.

I’m not yet there of the Brave New World he spoke of…Are you?

Thoughts and more thoughts of the world and where we are all headed, all that you are is in your palm of your hands, if you don’t give it away your owned by it, life is full of knowledge and answers however we sometimes we all refuse to walk into the world with and open heart…blessings my friends here is a basic update of the farms.

Corn porn, corn doing what it should.

It already feels like October here in the high mountains. The bears are moving about, they’re the ones watching if the weather is gonna change quickly. They’ve been a bit lethargic. However, I have seen evidence of their munching the sweet starchy tops of the midsummer Corn – tasseling nicely and the pollen drop has begun – the ears are underway. I’ve been picking already and eating corn, the beans are doing great, the squash, pumpkins and leafy plants are a bit behind. We shall see what produces as they like a colder climate to grow and stretch out.

Fairly good patch of squash, wish them luck.

The Summer Monsoon has exceeded expectations, and rain came at the right time. However, with good rain comes weeds of various kinds and temperament. Continue reading Harvest Moon – Check in.