Battle of the Family Plots & the Music & Myth Shop

Mirabal Music and Myth Shop 2013 summer.
Mirabal Music & Myth Shop – Summer 2013

This house in the picture above was my Grandma’s  (who was originally a Romero)and her mother before her. The house stands on the west side of the Taos Pueblo plaza facing the plaza eastward towards the main buildings and the race track.

As a boy I remember many, many visits to this house where my great grandmother lived. Originally it didn’t have a front entrance and it was made for storage of grain and corn. If you ever come to visit, I will show you the original entrance from the house to the right of the open sign which was the original building that my Grandma and her sisters grew up in. The house was basically taken away from them by their cousin who was the only boy in the family. He was a mean man, as I recall, and he and my Grandma never really had a good relationship because he stole the house from them as soon as their father (his Uncle) died. Continue reading Battle of the Family Plots & the Music & Myth Shop