Masa looked a bit sad when she saw the girl’s pictures in Peru. She said, “I miss my sisters, I’m gonna go down there soon…”

I’ve created another world traveler, although It’s just been Masa and I doing some pre-spring cleaning, sweeping. mopping, washing everything: processing, cutting up the last of the buffalo, the elk for grinding and canning, on the pueblo ceremonies of winter are slowly for-giving their love and blessings to the coming spring; Crows and Magpies pulling twigs from the thawing earth for there new nest’s.

Mud is never ending; We all say here in the wild wild west that we have three seasons, Winter, Summer, and Mud.

The older Mirabal-sister’s left; Aspen a couple weeks ago and Kona a week ago, They left the high deserts of Northern New Mexico to the high-land, wilds of Peru, back to there other tribe there ole-stomping grounds, to find more of life, to taste the bitter/ yet sweetness of love, to reawaken the unimaginable, participate in some ceremony, and give their father another grey hair, hahaha.

“Empty nest” is an ass kicker for a Father, augh! I don’t know what else to wash, where to sweep, wiped down something i just wiped down five minutes ago, I made way too much food expecting them to walk in hungry,even my friends show up to see the wild man in his natural habitat. “ah yes” clean the car and everything else, even the dogs are looking at me strange, hey! didn’t sign up for this, haha.

I know they are o.k. having a blessed time, and well be back before i know it; I have to smile and laugh at it all,being a single parent isn’t for amatuer’s especially on the emotional side, as you all know, growing up without a Father really takes its toll on an aging 49er-father, It seems i don’t know everything and i cant control the outcomes AHHHHH; every moment, day and year my girls grow up more and more, I never know what to say or do, my instincts are my best friends, it’s an everyday teaching that rips me to shreds.

In my life right now, time focused on me is a moment cherished, if you know what I’m saying, however even when I’m alone or with someone else sharing space my thoughts go to them, seems unfair to the other although that’s who and what I’ am now, take the good with the neurotic hahah(crazy grin).                                                                                                                                                   Life goes on and every parent will and has gone through this stage of wondering, doubt, hopelessness and fear. I have found that its the worst and best kind of fear. prayers today for the Father/Mother/Child.

Anyway here are some pictures of their world right now, as they smile, laugh, cry, create memories, maybe break a few hearts. They wouldn’t be Mirabal’s if the latter wasn’t true.. Continue reading MIRABAL SISTERS in PERU