Pueblo Shop Opening for 2015

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.
Bob Marley

The north-side village of the pueblo..
The entrance to the Mirabal shop in the heart of the Famous Taos Pueblo.

Much of Taos and the Famous Taos pueblo rely on visitors and tourists year round from all over the world to supplement its meager income,especially in the summer, I think northern New Mexico can do a WAY better job in making them feel welcomed or at home however that’s another set of can’s.
The pueblo has been opened for tourists forever and a day if it wasn’t the wondering nomads wanting some corn stew or maybe trade a good buffalo hide for some good pueblo love, or when it was some random or occasional skirmish it was a place where many natives gathered to find something; We were known and these mountains can be seen many miles away, eventually we were “discovered” by others and more of them to make us the community we are today, however we still favor the tourist dollar over any other source of survival, so thank you very much.

This year pueblo have been open for almost three weeks; however, because of cultural activities with the family we haven’t opened our shop Mirabal Music and Myth yet.
This year will be host to many different artistic projects from the ever popular Amulets, to Agricultural products and produce, Leather works, Collaborations with other artists in the area and sculptures, don’t forget the beautiful flutes, musical instruments, and so much more! (I will blog about different items as the year goes by)

Here are some visual images of the place and what I will be featuring this year. Please come and visit me. I will be in the shop most of the time making moccasins, which will be readily available right here in the Mirabal shop on the pueblo. I would love to make you a pair as you watch my clever handy work with leather and lace…heehee

Much of my shop is based on educational experience not just a retail store. Any questions you have – I, as well as my staff, will be happy to answer the best we can. Many people say we have a shop on the pueblo with the unique feel of a live museum, with many old photographs of the pueblo along with displays of different Southwestern pueblo items of regalia and unique pueblo farming implements of old.

The Mirabal shop located on the north west corner of the main village is a store that should not be missed while visiting the pueblo..

2014-04-08 09.21.33
I will be making hand-sewn moccasins in the village shop this summer. please stop by and visit..


Rattles made from Hopi, Walatowa gourds home grown here in the high-mountains.


Fresh plaster on the heavily used fire-place.
Back display of the shop, the brown area shows the rustic adobe wall before its plaster.
Old Navajo Cosmo design rugs hang in the back ground. The fore-front displays some of the items used for social dances on the pueblo.

All my love, thanks and honor;

14 thoughts on “Pueblo Shop Opening for 2015”

  1. I can’t wait to come back this summer! Time to order another pair of moccasins! Hope to see you there…..Many blessings-Ella

  2. Looking forward to visiting your shop when my “tribe” & I return in July for the Pow Wow! Hope to invest in a pair of Mirabal Mocs! Unfortunately, we did not make it to the Pueblo last year. We just fell under a spell & couldn’t leave the magic of the Mountain. Hopefully we will see you July!

    Best wishes for this season!

  3. I well remember visiting your shop when we attended the Corn Dance a number of years back. I bought a feather and used it in one of my collages. I hope to return some day. I look at the black and white photos I took of the pueblo and it recalls fond memories.

  4. Robert.. Lovely.. I and my Daughter and Grandsons Valentino and Elijah will try to come up and see Your Family Shop and the Pueblo in August..It would be a good learning experience for them. They are eight and nine..Looks like you have been working hard on the shop and putting much Love in to it…Very Nice..Take Care and much Luck this Summer with every thing..Much Love Robbie….

  5. Reservations made…7/25 – 8/8. Hoping an Arroyo Seco street dance will be happening sometime in there.

  6. Hi Robert,
    The last time I was at your shop I bought a cd, talked with your sister for a while and I went to your Uncle Tony’s to buy one white and one red ocarina made by him. I love them so! I so want to return, I hope to soon! Taos, the people, the Pueblo, swimming in the river, the deep blue sky with the beautiful cloudscape, it all calls to me.
    May your shop flourish and your garden as well!

  7. Hey Robert…
    REALLY looking forward to visiting your shop and the pueblo the first week of June… looking for some cross-trainer mocs via your clever handiwork 🙂

  8. Roberto,
    I hear Marley and I know what he means. I even agree. I too have a meager income. No tourist dollars in my pocket. So I have to say that I also agree with Jimmy Stewart’s character in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ when the subject of wealth/money comes up with his Guardian Angel. “It sure comes in handy down here, bub”.
    That being said, I am thankful to see the Mountain. I took in a deep breath of fresh air. Suave.
    For me this is not really so much about business. (Did I mention my meager income?) For I’ve no money, much less to spare.
    So when I flutter by on Saturday or on a Sunday,
    Maybe on a Feast day or the 4th of July, or perhaps with my students on a field trip, it’s the Educational Experience I’m looking forward to. Oh yes, and some of that handiwork.
    In the Northwest corner. Hmmm, turns out that’s a strong direction in my life. Do you know the One born In the Northwest of Uddiyana? Another Noble from a different Sacred Place.
    Life is such a beautiful trip…

  9. Glad to have an update on the shop and plan to get out there to check it out soon. Thanks again for the opportunity to experience Origins. Thanks for sharing all that you are with all of us.

  10. Good morning Robert
    I hope you’re well.
    We’ll be down there the week of May 19.
    Will you be at the pueblo?
    Have a good week.

  11. My Sweet Man …
    Dear Robert,
    It was such an honor and a pleasure to meet you at the Lied Center, at K.U. in Lawrence Kansas. You are the most amazing person to hold anyone person’s attention as long as you’ve held mine.
    I got an Ocarina and you signed it for me and I got a lovely Cd ,You had told someone whom had cut in front of me and my friend. That it was great for mediation and I grabbed it ,I as well have your Music from a Painted Cave. Simply love that one. I had given you the only scarf I had that I thought was suitable that I had, I so wanted to ask if I could have that beautiful lemon yellow one that you have worn in so many videos. Well I have to run for now.

    Thank You for the Honor to even meet you Sir Mirabal. 🙂

  12. A shop AND a museum! Sounds like one could spend a whole day in there! Qué ganitas…
    By the way, even though morning’s gone already, still on time to sing ‘las mañanitas’ a una personita especial today!
    So Happy Birthday to her!

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