You know that i have always been a Runner, there were times when life put me into some corners and the only thing that saved me was my running. when i was on the road missing my home i ran, treadmills, parking lots, rural roads, and places where crack-heads roam, it cleared my mind gave me a better out look on life at least for that day. when you have performed all over the world as i have, some of the most dangerous mental states can consume you, depression, anxiety, evil mood shifts, self worth, Boo Hoo Hoo..

My pueblo people ran everywhere, even as a child i remember running to the head-gates to turn water on into our ditch, i ran in and around to the fields chasing dogs, horses, girls. many of the boys and i competed in traditional runs, running in Moccasins or shoe-less. Now there is a big adventure mind in America running barefoot. Tell you what, if you saw my feet you would know what shoe-less running makes your feet look like. I have always had a hard time finding the right shoe for my Indian feet i gave up buying the designer shoes (too narrow, too high in the heel ugh..) and about 2 years ago started just running in my canvas cheapy flat sole, pink,, i said pink Chuck Taylors that my daughters Aspen and Kona got for me as a joke, Im still using a variety of them now they too are a bit narrow but i have logged in many miles without injury and that is a BIG PLUS!

So anyway, now I’m designing some moccasins with Vibram soles just for my running. Last year the pueblo shop bought a hand cranked leather sewing machine so let’s see what i can do in the process.

The reason for this is i will be posting at times about my adventures in running, maybe as inspiration, however its also who I am.