Ocarina Visions & Morning Mist Butt Kicker

I’m sitting here at my favorite little coffee dive (no, I’m not saying where this place is), thinking about all the insanity of the last few weeks. Since I have come home from Peru the shit hit the fan, big time, as I found that the people I had put so much faith in had basically set me up in a field for everyone to take their pot shots at me. The damage control on the postponement of the PBS special has been brutal. However. everything for a reason, right?

Another thing that has been odd is that the increased energy of women has become extremely overwhelming for me. My three girls, who I love dearly, came back home from Peru and I’ve been working on setting up their new lives, rooms, bed, school, language, culture, corn fields, clothes, laundry etc…  I don’t know what happened but it seemed like a free-for-all the last couple weeks on the Facebook page and my email too. Maybe it’s all the dancing and running, not to mention we’re going into the pollen season for the corn maidens. Ugh… makes me wonder what gives people the right to be that way to me. Man, if I was ever like that to others I would be thrown in jail or in some mental hospital with all the insanity of restructuring. I really just feel like hanging up the proverbial towel, heading to the hills and disappearing.

ANYWAY… Whatever, Mirabal, COWBOY UP! Right?  Everyone has stuff they deal with, even worse than me. Haha, it’s actually a joke as I read my firs paragraph again, shit, I’m pretty damn lucky!!! And, I’m a bad ass ’cause I just did a 9 miler in the morning mist. My body is strong, my legs haven’t given up on me in all these years of pounding the earth. Ahhhh, I’m still drinking my chai, my girls went to hopi with their grandma, auntie and uncle and they’re strong and they always are so amazing and inspiring. I’m surrounded by beautiful faces and bodies… all the craziness can kiss my ass, I’m still here… and blessed.


Okay, I feel better, back to business…

One of the first Ocarinas I got was from a man in Ecuador when I was about fourteen years old.  It looked like a little carrot and it had an amazing sound. I had never seen an instrument like it. I was in a dance troupe and was touring the southwest with a show called Los Americas, north, south, central, South American native tour group. The last night was a party and Carlos, from the group Auyuacan (not sure if I spelled that right and can’t find it on infamous Google) sat next to me with crazy eyes and in broken english said, “This is your little man, make music…” He kinda creeped me out, however, I learned how to play the clay and it was actually my first traditional cultural wind instrument that I played around with.

Since then I have dabbled in many different kinds and even inspired my Uncle Tony into creating his own form of Ocarinas. I love all kinds of instruments and have incorporated many in my style of Native Rock. It’s been artistic trial and error when it comes to making these instruments; sometimes just leaving them for months leads to an epiphany of finding ways to create sound in such a small area of space. The physics is profound when it comes to controlled fluid dynamics. In fact, these small instruments are much more complicated in structure than the straight wooden native flutes.

Dragon fly motify with tree of life.
This on is the tree of life Ocarina, in the front is a dragon fly.
Mirabal Ocarina
0728130854a Front view of the turqouise no song, no rain, Ocarina necklace
Mirabal Ocarina 2
front view of Corn/ Bee necklace
Back view of Corn/ Bee Necklace Ocarina.

Well my chai is cold and I have to leave to go to Jemez. I wanted to share this short blog just to inspire you in that no matter what obstacles may lay on your path you may always know that what you have created is golden and beautiful and with faith and love we will all succeed.

A line is drawn for us that marks our end, we must live life like the line is tomorrow.



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  1. I’ve been so blessed to know the heart and soul of a “runner”. For whatever reason, reading this conjured a faint glow of remembrance within me.
    Thank You.

  2. I don’t know why those crazy MFers say the shit they say on your FB page. I can’t speak for the rest of them but in my case I’d guess it’s just obsessive lust mixed with bad parenting
    You da man

  3. My fave selection on my Mirabal “Music From a Painted Cave” CD, besides the flute piece with Rulan dancing is making Ocarinas with Uncle Tony…

  4. It hurt to see your pain in this post. Well, we all have pain. I live in Rowell, you have spoken to my friend Sue. It’s showdown time. How hurtful for some Navajo friends. They fee so betrayed by their President. He has sided with horse slaughter. Says the horse is sacred so euthanasia is not an option? Of course not. He will sell the horses for slaughter instead? Robert, please say a prayer ….. The Dance. I am alone in Roswell. They may start this carnage Monday. I am praying for your pain, whatever you suffered in your post. Please pray for these innocents. I find it all surreal, insane. The Land of Enchantment? Once the 1st drop of blood is spilt, it will no longer be. TY for your time & Much Love & Peace to you.

  5. Robert~
    I was sorry to hear about the postponement of you PBS filming this month. I already had my tickets and was looking forward to the show. At any rate, I plan to see you at the Plaza Bandstand in a couple weeks. Will you be at Indian Market this year?
    The best to you as you face these challenges. We support you!

  6. Pray and keep the sense of humor !

    Sometimes these ‘reality checks’ are
    Really for our own benefits.

    : )

  7. Thank you for sharing in your quest and for your honesty. Keep your chin up. These are hard times right now for sure in this world. Each day I must remind myself of the simple beauty and TRUTH… the world is filled with a million different dark paths all around. I am troubled of the future that my children will have to endure and strive to shed light and hope for myself, them and all humanity.

    With love and blessings to you….


  8. EVERYDAY above dirt is a good day 🙂 It is good to be thankful and remember all that you have and can to 🙂 May tomorrow be as good for you all !

  9. EVERYDAY above dirt is a good day 🙂 It is good to be thankful and remember all that you have and can do 🙂 May tomorrow be as good for you all !

  10. Dear Mirabal – what I love about your writing is that it is so real – your frustrations, your pain – and then as you write, you get lighter and lighter – and finally you’ve worked your way through it by the time you get to the end. I imagine that’s a pattern in your life, though I don’t know you. With great disappointment, though, comes great opportunity – I’m sure that’s a cliche – somewhere – I’m personally looking forward to the greatness that will come as a result of the postponement of the PBS Special. It will be more awesome than what you had planned – hang in there, be still. It will all make sense again. A Fan

  11. I know the need to step back for a little while very well… infact i also have done this the last couple of weeks… and this made me chuckle here at 5 am…along time back i learned the life lesson of taking back my life when i needed to… and to recognize that need is even more important or you get pulled apart …
    May your day be filled with smiles and blessings for at the end of it.. being with those you love and who love you back is the most important thing we can have… the one thing in a crazy world we have that makes it all mean something…

  12. Robert
    You are a very talented musician and speaker when you are down you can always find something to pick you up. When I am having a bad day, I go home and either listen to your
    Cd,s or watch yourainted cave video and things seem to get better.
    Thanks for your beautiful music .

  13. I am sitting on the floor in my room, drinking coffee and tea. Yes, sitting on the floor. I find chairs so uncomfortable.
    Having to postpone or adjourn a major life event is very frustrating. It is like putting your life on hold while some big, wig executive decides your fate. My advice to you is accept the process and don’t try to force a certain outcome. One of the side effects of a postponement is frustration. The tension gathers quickly among the people involved. Then the fingers come out and pot shots are taken. You may want to reset your energy flow. I usually go and have a splash in the sea water. Whatever works for you do it. Can you really disappear? There are a lot of people in the hills. The human race is like a cockroach infestation on earth, lol. Good luck with that path. So how does a person live in a violent society without going mad themselves? Give away onions. That is what I did this morning. A friendship blossomed. I like your Ocarina’s. We will flourish. Much love.

  14. ‘In these bodies we will live
    In these bodies we will die.’
    And in the mean time…
    9 miles in the Morning Mist (A la!),
    Corn, daughters, running.
    ‘And where you invest your love,
    you invest your life.’
    Keep on keeping on.

  15. Rob, I’ve been your fan since “Painted Cave”! Whatever your situation is, take your time and don’t stress over it. Things and situations will fall into place. Peace, and be well.

  16. Robert, you are an amazing person. You have a way with making art from everything, and sharing it. I have loved your music from the first note I heard, and I continue to listen, often. I enjoy your blog, and sometimes get a smile when you’re bitching about something in your life because it reminds me of my complaints. Always bigger than they really are and more serious. Seems like we don’t get as upset with some of the really big things, maybe because they are out of our control and we have to accept them since we really can’t fix them. It is nice to feel close. Keep running and making art, however it springs from you. Love you. Enjoy!

  17. If you ended in a mental hospital, maybe you would be with cool people like Will Sampson and Nicholson in Cuckoo’s Nest. Naw, won’t happen. Anyway, keep your head above the others cause you know what’s real in life and what’s really important. It always works out.
    Love to all, Tchula

  18. Robert,
    I just discovered you today – through the Midwest Soarring Foundation flyer regarding the 19th Annual Harvest Pow Wow. I am interested in finding out more about you and your music. Read your blog and I love it!! Stay strong!!!

  19. Robert – A part of me envies you being able to run up in the mist. Hey I can’t even run or really jog without my back and knees giving me grief the next day but I can walk and I do as much as I can everyday because I know what happens if I don’t. I didn’t know about limitations until I came up here and overdid my back once and for all. But I am still going to push the limit envelope as much as I can. As for the female energy – that is what happens when little girls grow up to be fine women. Ask my brother – he grew up in the middle of 4 sisters! And boy, did we teach him a lot about women and life in general. Speaking of blessings, I had the pleasure of driving 8 Japanese visitors to the Oo-Oo-Nah Art Center (4 adults & 4 children) around Taos and then down to Albuquerque and I am still not sure who got the blessing – probably both since they had a good time and I got the time/experience of a lifetime. It proves that you never know what’s waiting around the corner for you until you step out.
    Thanks for keeping it real and as for the PBS thing – I was disappointed at first but I realize that when I see you in concert again, it will be that much more special so until then, enjoy your piece of heaven.

  20. Internet is a paradoxical instrument of good/evil. Take your “image” that being being a musician(rock),writer, poet and artist plus you are one hot looking ” Native American” dude and a hopeful inspiration to other indigenous young adults. You are gonna attract all kinds and with that comes the critics,the rock groupies, the haters, the ass kissers and the kickers too, don’t forget along with them are would be stalkers, the judges I hope and pray for those of us,( who of course, could never resemble any of those above descriptions(hehehe) are lucky enough that you ignore the negative and continue to write.
    Would I be kissing ass if I added reading your blogs is like listening to your favorite teacher of Language Art?
    Hang in there my Sensei and take the time and be Robert , father and family member, charge those batteries with your O B positive blood. Corny I know oh can not stop
    bless you and yours

  21. You are so honest with your feelings. It is refreshing.

    I had an experience once, in a moment of crisis, that left me changed forever. Upon finding that my child was involved in something shocking to me, my friend grabbed my arm, and instantly I saw myself on a stage acting out this very scene of a mother finding out, in the presence of her friend, this shocking thing. In another instant, I saw myself sitting alone in a seat in the theatre watching the scene I was in on the stage. In another instant, I was hovering over the theatre, watching myself alone in the theatre seat watching myself act out this scene onstage.

    From that time on, I have always had a part of me that remains a bit detached from what is happening in my life. That part of me is a witness, looking on, and wondering what I need to learn from this current situation. I can’t say that this attitude protects me from all upsetting emotions, but it does lessen their effect and gives me a perspective from which to hopefully learn something…..

    Thank you for this blog, Robert. I love the wide range of life experiences you share, and the peek into a culture different from my own, yet somehow so very familiar.

  22. It’s crazy in this day and age how easily people will “throw us under the bus” it’s seem we live in a world where electronics is desensitizing people, but we can’t let that effect they way we treat people….we just go on treating people with love and kindness.

    In 1877, speaking at the Powder River Conference, Chief Sitting Bull of the Lakota nation said of the European invaders who were destroying his people and their way of life, “[T]he love of possession is a disease with them.”


  23. Well, Robert, this is just for you and not for anyone else to read, really, as I am only playing with you and my friends and not the rest of the people in your fan club who don’t get it. I make a joke of everything cuz that is my medicine against going crazy, and maybe the medicine makes me crazy too. And I love to laugh til we cry, it is something my Mom taught us, make fun out of life. But I think you know how, even though I don’t hang out with you, I love deeply everything you do and are and your family as well. I have said it anonymously and to others over and over and I watch what you do and comment because it is hard to resist since you are my favorite muse.

    When you’re strange….

    I know I have teased you since Michele and others told me some things, and since you threw down with Red Bear who is a good person and never meant anything but to be silly. I think you are kind of crazy too. And you cause some drama and we all know how. Do I have the right to comment? When my friend feels something has been done wrong in your actions with her, when she is fully convinced you are hacking her phone because she’s paranoid you are trying to manipulate and control what people say or think, no matter that I tell her you are just way too good to do that, and have better things to do? Why is it that this drama goes on with you and all of us?

    You have this sexual charisma and energy which you can’t help but use/express and it causes drama with women, end of story. It’s your Old Spice after shave. Keep it on your pants unless you eant ot to keep up my friend. You don’t see Arvel Bird having this problem because he actually mentions his wife and makes it clear he respects his marriage.

    You are on the prowl, though, and attract all kinds of messed up hippies and shaman wannabes and groupies like that crazy bitch Mandolin Wind who I just LOVE fucking with. My instinct is to defend you because I really believe after being in this lesbian mud wrestling match for a year and being kicked off your page every time it gets too messy when one of your cult followers starts shit with me LMAO, that she is batshit crazy and might just go off and try to hurt someone. You say you have nothing to do with her and I believe you.
    But then my other friend tells me about a child you have never acknowledged and I wonder what is your reality you are running from and who you really are. And always I love you just the same for the love that you give and the life that you live. Good line for a song.

    Who am I to you but someone you see who buys things when I can and supports you, and feels a bond of mutual respect (in spite of teasing you and overstepping that line you try to draw), a spiritual and physical connection because of shared passions like running, writing, dancing, music, native life, growing good food, the land, no faith in the messed up society, a wildness of spirit and crazy coyote magic. I feel I have a sense of sisterhood with you because of these paths we run, and even though you have been able to accomplish things I have not, I have achieved things to be proud of as a professional in spite of my obstacles and failings and things I wish I could disappear from too.

    I am sorry if I have hurt you or been too much of a trickster and a big ol thorny weed when I would like to be a good friend or just not a pain I’m the ass. I’m just fucked up, haha. And I missed my hug this year but I didn’t want you to kick my ass which I deserved so I had to make a detour around you heehee.

    And I know, it’s none of my Fing business but you are irresistible! I would so bitch slap Jenny if I could find her cell in the Psyche Ward.
    And nice ocarinas. I have the horsehair one from your Uncle Tony and the clay fish one that Patrick said was one of the last ones you made before. I stopped at Tony’s store and left him some tobacco and am sorry to hear he has cancer. Praying for him. Love your family and never forget you all.
    Yours in Christ haha
    Your Not Secret Admirer

  24. PLEASE, do not even think about “hanging up the proverbial towel, heading to the hills and disappearing”. The world needs you, your pueblo needs you, your family needs you, your friends and fans need you. I was told once, when it seemed like everything was going wrong, that we wouldn’t know what good times were if we didn’t have some bad times for comparison. Please keep up the music, art and all the work you do. You are an inspiration to so many Native Americans (including me) living the traditional life as much as possible. We need your thinking, creativity, music and love.
    Remember, you are loved and appreciated by ever so many.
    Blessings and love-

  25. One more thing, I met you in Taos many years ago at the Blakes right outside of your Pueblo. You were in a small white Datsun pick up truck and you were in duds and were of the earths natural essence. I enjoyed talking to you for a brief moment in time. I sat went to a couple of your shows through time. One a while back at the Paolo Solerii na d one at the Lodge (Popay speaks). I spoke with you the following morning September 4, 2011 in the lounge. Your daughter I forget which one was taking pictures of me and my so called girlfriend at the time. Any how you havealways been an interesting person. Thank-you for sharing all of your stories with all of we people that enjoy them.
    Sincerely, John Michael Casias

  26. Hi Robert,

    It was nice to read your post. Thank you for your wisdom at the end of living each day as fully as you can. None of us know when our end will be.

    Sometimes we just have to throw our hands in the air and give it over to the
    Heavens. My saying is that I am not in control of anything accept my own responses. Though this is harder to practice on some days rather than others.

    I am so looking forward to your new special and I know it will be creative and genuinely full of compassion as you are.

    Have a blessed rest of the summer.


  27. Thank you for your beautiful blog, for your love, for all of your ocarinas and for the “life line” comment. You always inspire me for living.I send you my heart.

  28. Robert…your blog stopped me in my tracks !
    mirrored my life twists and definite curves from
    July 21-31. Humor keeps us alive when combined
    with other arts and the knowledge that , Yes,
    The Great Spirit has a special sense of humor too.
    August first, the page turned to calm for me… Thank for your
    expression; it made me smile and confirmed
    being of close spirit brings to us trials of correction
    and appreciation. Slow down, be with Him in joy! Peace n Prayers

  29. Just in case you ARE hacking my phone, I downloaded some dirty pictures we took at Crow Fair on it you may want to check out. Just sayin
    Heehee I’m sorry I’m irrepressible

  30. It was over ten years ago when I first visited Taos Pueblo. I talked story with Patrick (what a wonderful spirit), as I grounded myself in the adobe walls of time. I left without an ocarina made by Tony. June 2013 brought me back, tears of joy and sadness were shed as I bought two of his ocarinas. They are made with such love and respect and are as beautiful as the soul that made them. Spirits guide my song!
    Much love and respect,

  31. I really like this plan. I think pelope would be interested in learning the ocarina (similar to guitar) but it’ll also help teach music. In this day and age, we need that. And it’s related to Zelda!! Zelda: Link’s Awakening was the first game my brother and I owned and it remains one of my favorites. From there, we continued to be avid Zelda fans. It’s the great story of the hero. Link doesn’t need to talk, he doesn’t get payment for his deeds, but he performs his duty and saves the kingdom every time. We can all learn something from Link and we can all learn music from the ocarina. petspointman@gmail.com

  32. I do need to return sooner. There is something magical about Taos Pueblo. Only two other places I know of at this point in time have a similar spirit. Looking up at the Sierras from Owens Valley in California and Yugul in Oaxaca Mexico. Taos Pueblo has a vibration all it’s own, it must be the ancestors watching over everyone offering their guidance to those who seek it. I can’t place a finger on it, but it is there.
    Stay true!

  33. We’re fading and fading fast, cultures are lost without land base and language that suffeinciently support that land..
    misplaced identity is rampant..
    ” you gotta stand for something or you die for anything…”

  34. My studies in cultural anthropology and cultural art history have also shown this to be a devastating fact. The work you do, the art form that you cultivate, staying true to your roots, while at the same time venturing out beyond, to who knows where. I can only imagine how rewarding and difficult it must be. I am so thankful for all you do!! Your music and the way you are trying to live your life is inspiring! I look forward to your blogs and your music is a constant companion. Know in your heart that you inspire many and that is one of the greatest gifts anyone could ever give.
    Stay True Robert! The world needs more like you!
    Heal each and every day!

  35. Good Morning Robert,
    It’s your birthday. Happy, happy. Many more.
    I’m going backwards. Sometimes that helps. Wanted to comment on this for awhile but hesitated due to my lack of appreciation for this distant form of communication.
    First, you are gorgeous and full of charisma. Very nice. ‘A blessing and a curse’ and so many ways to go with that. If Chris Rock is right, men are only as faithful as their choices and youv’e got a smorgasbord to choose from! Every faith in you finding your balance.
    Next, in relationship it’s up to the people involved to be honest with each other. You know, lay their cards out on the table be clear about what’s what. Also, to keep up to date. People change. Relationship changes. Relationship is an ongoing negotiation.
    Finally, children are different. I like French law best where children are concerned. There are no ‘bastards’.
    Happy Birthday, Robert.
    Con Amor, Rita
    p.s. sure do miss you narrating ‘Running Alone in Photographs’.

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