Masa looked a bit sad when she saw the girl’s pictures in Peru. She said, “I miss my sisters, I’m gonna go down there soon…”

I’ve created another world traveler, although It’s just been Masa and I doing some pre-spring cleaning, sweeping. mopping, washing everything: processing, cutting up the last of the buffalo, the elk for grinding and canning, on the pueblo ceremonies of winter are slowly for-giving their love and blessings to the coming spring; Crows and Magpies pulling twigs from the thawing earth for there new nest’s.

Mud is never ending; We all say here in the wild wild west that we have three seasons, Winter, Summer, and Mud.

The older Mirabal-sister’s left; Aspen a couple weeks ago and Kona a week ago, They left the high deserts of Northern New Mexico to the high-land, wilds of Peru, back to there other tribe there ole-stomping grounds, to find more of life, to taste the bitter/ yet sweetness of love, to reawaken the unimaginable, participate in some ceremony, and give their father another grey hair, hahaha.

“Empty nest” is an ass kicker for a Father, augh! I don’t know what else to wash, where to sweep, wiped down something i just wiped down five minutes ago, I made way too much food expecting them to walk in hungry,even my friends show up to see the wild man in his natural habitat. “ah yes” clean the car and everything else, even the dogs are looking at me strange, hey! didn’t sign up for this, haha.

I know they are o.k. having a blessed time, and well be back before i know it; I have to smile and laugh at it all,being a single parent isn’t for amatuer’s especially on the emotional side, as you all know, growing up without a Father really takes its toll on an aging 49er-father, It seems i don’t know everything and i cant control the outcomes AHHHHH; every moment, day and year my girls grow up more and more, I never know what to say or do, my instincts are my best friends, it’s an everyday teaching that rips me to shreds.

In my life right now, time focused on me is a moment cherished, if you know what I’m saying, however even when I’m alone or with someone else sharing space my thoughts go to them, seems unfair to the other although that’s who and what I’ am now, take the good with the neurotic hahah(crazy grin).                                                                                                                                                   Life goes on and every parent will and has gone through this stage of wondering, doubt, hopelessness and fear. I have found that its the worst and best kind of fear. prayers today for the Father/Mother/Child.

Anyway here are some pictures of their world right now, as they smile, laugh, cry, create memories, maybe break a few hearts. They wouldn’t be Mirabal’s if the latter wasn’t true..

I’m so proud of them.

Be brave, strong, dance hard, awaken the earth in her winter slumber. It’s when you dance that your grandfathers and grandmothers of old smile and roll over in their forever slumber, maybe even sing with you…

You are my best teachers.. “TAKE SOME HEADS!!











Cherish the moment…



Walking the streets at night, knowing that you’ll be okay, talking amongst ourselves about how we can feel the energy of the ancient mountain people, seeing spirits watching over you; sharing moments like this, is what makes us so brave and fierce, knowing and having a grounded connection to the elements.
We, Aspen (19) and Kona Mirabal (14), are here in thehigh Andes of South America, Peru. Our idea of vacation isn’t going to some sunny place in Miami or Cali. It isn’t going to fashion week in New York– although, we’d like to experience that some day. Our ideal vacation consists of the following: chasing the high waves, eating the fresh catch of fish, resting, exploring, falling in love, sharing song and dance, finding or discovering something that will teach us; tell us stories, and give us knowledge.

For me, Kona, I raised the money, and begged the public school to let me go and travel “alone,” and allow me to have such an experience that I will be able to remember forever… I am very grateful that my family at home supports us in each adventure we make. I take a deep breath, thank my strong limbs for allowing me to get where I need and want to go, I thank my senses for allowing me to fully enjoy and experience everything, I thank my mind and heart for providing open thoughts and positive actions that inspire. Tah- ah

No matter how tough, strong, brave, or senseless an individual may be, there is nothing harder than constantly having to say “good-bye” and “I’ll see you soon,” when you really have no idea when that time to see that individual will come again. Hopping from country to country, city to city, you meet people and experience so much, and if you’re like me, you fall in love constantly. Whether it be with food and drink, men and women, scenery and smells, music and culture, you’re prone to be either so in love or so heart broken. It’s a challenge. I was recently in Lima, having a grand time, seeing things I haven’t seen before, eating at new places; trying new foods, trying new drinks, etc. Enjoying each and every part of it, and embracing the humidity (like a boss), I began to see myself growing attached to the city, literally falling in love. Now that I am here in High Andes, there is a part of me that misses the city, I can honestly say that I myself AM NOT A CITY GIRL, however I find myself attached; maybe it’s the exotic drinks that got me buzzed, the people I kissed, or the yummy sangwiches.. Who knows.. Also, who knows what love is, maybe this feeling of being “so in love” or “so heartbroken” isn’t even associated with real love.  Erg.. I’ll just leave it at that.
Love– Aspen

Happy travels to everyone who is having a vacation soon!
Many blessings, good laughs, and solid chaunts from Aspen and Kona

#mirabalsis #love #don’t be afraid because it won’t get you anywhere #theonlythingtofearisfearitself

19 thoughts on “MIRABAL SISTERS in PERU”

  1. I well know your words.. and have wzlked the same path seeing mine growing now into adults well they are pretty mcuh.. i feel young seeing life through there eyes and yet older than my years to… My younger daughter has a wee baby boy of 2 and is now gettiing free of a very bad situation.. i suffer with her in that as i to went through this pain many years back… my oldest has not announced she will have a baby in september.. my heart almost bursts knowing this… and yeet i al filled with fears for this tiny new life growing.. I live with the empty echo’s of time gone now.. and when i can see them .. 2 of my bbabies ( for they will evr be such) live closer now and One iwll soon.. only the last is far away and there is a distance between us i do not yet know how to breach..
    The blessings and horrors of life as a parent… Something to cherish every day…

    Peaceful Blessings to y ou and your family
    Awaikeena Winddancer Rainwolf

  2. “Why would a father’s love to his children would seem unfair to anyone?”
    This is the question I have heard coming from the earthen mouth of a beautiful Andean Spirit as I thought of travels in the clouds. Spirit told me about the beauty of a path that unravels as we walk in beauty, trust, faith, and love.
    From his “mud face” he reminded me of other faces, faces that some time ago wondered about “last goodbyes” Good-B-Yes, B-Good-Yes, and sooner than you think, here comes your daughters’ hello again, back from the other side of the clouds, back from the South of Mama Earth, telling you about those new memories they have created.
    Will they have broken a few hearts? Who knows, but what’s for sure is that their hearts will be full of beauty to cherish the memories.
    As I ate blue corn chips the other day, a fragment fell on the ground in the shape of a tiny heart, and I thought:
    when broken, brave hearts know how to rebuild themselves to create beauty and crack open other hearts, to give, and receive, love.
    All it takes from once-broken hearts to grow stronger, is the will to walk in beauty. <3

  3. Oops, “would – would”
    Knock on wood that no more typos come out of the wood,
    Heehee, like Awaikeena I’m a bit tired 🙂

  4. You said it all Robert, the lesson of unconditional love is the lesson that goes with us to the grave and the heavens. When you hold that kind of love for beings, you hold it for all beings. Blessings to you my friend, I feel your love.

  5. Robert,
    I have heard you sing, I have seen you dance, but this is the first time I am reading your writings. Every dad out there will relate to every word you have said here. But not everyone can articulate their inner feelings as beautifully as you have done. When you say “You are my best teachers..” to your daughters, it resonates with every dad who has a daughter. When they are young, and when we are young dads, when we sit with them and teach them math & science and poetry we do no realize who is actually teaching whom. Later in life when we sit back and ponder we realize they are the ones who had been teaching us all along. They teach us our life lessons. They teach us to smile and to laugh and have a good time. There is nothing more precious in life.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today. I am sure your daughters will have an amazing time in Peru.

    You have reminded me of how when I was pregnant with my second child, I had wondered how I would have room in my heart for another being, because I already had so much love for my firstborn. The amazing thing about hearts, when we think there is not possibly room for another in it, we find that yes, it grows enough to hold the old love and the new love. There are many children in my heart who call me mom, one even invited me, her mom, stepdad, dad, and stepmom to her wedding, my children were both in the wedding party too.

    A fathers love for his children is in not a detriment, rather it is an asset. I have grown up in a family that honors children, and having a father who did not love his children so much would feel like a shortcoming. The home that my mother raised me in was always a safe haven for children. I did not know until I was older why the two sisters and brother lived with us for a few years. (I was just grateful to have them around so much.) Over the years, we also had other children and young women who would stay with us upon occasion. I grew up learning that children are precious and all deserve to be loved.

    I understand your parental concerns about your girls, when my daughter visited China I had the same feelings. My children are far from me now, but that is because the last man I married decided it best for us to move to a place that he always wanted to live. I find that Doreen Virtue has a video that enlightened me about why I asked him for a divorce over a year ago. (I feel the main part being that there are many differences in what we feel is important, including that he inadvertently sabotages me when I try to eat less food.)

    Prayers and blessings for all,
    Prayers for safe travel for your girls,
    in love and honor,

  7. The most comforting thought is that you did your best to teach them to be on their own. That’s the best blessing we parents can give. What’s that old adage about giving them both roots and wings? (Smile). Blessings.

  8. robert,,
    you are absolutely the best parent ever!!!!GOD bless you!!! your babies will undoubtedly be the finest sisters, mothers, aunts,, cousins,,
    and all that they themselves need and require!!!!
    GOD BLESS!!!!!

  9. Beautiful post, Robert, thank you. How wonderful for Kona and Aspen that they are traveling in Peru. Wishing you & your family in NM many blessings, and to the young women on their journey: safe travels, and may they feel and experience Peruvian culture to it’s fullest. xo

  10. I love you guys. A family with such depth, pride, tenacity and spirit… you make a reader live vicariously through each word. I’m so proud of you Aspen for just being this gorgeous doe eyed ray of light, you are a mirror of love, so no matter where you go, it will always be reflected to and through you! As for Kona, your strength is whirled in the clouds that hang above the Andes. You are wise, intuitive, protective and the sister who is tough enough to go to battle for whatever she believes is right. I’m so proud of both of you, may you always know love in all forms of acceptance and self responsibility. Robert, you are mother, father, brother, friend and your daughters continue to walk in the footsteps your feet have carved into this earth. The groove that makes things grow! You are respected and admired not for your fame, but because you are a man who truly walks his talk and puts his children first! As for Masa, you keep planting seeds, watch your dreams and desires flourish, for you are just as beautiful and strong as your sisters and I see your spark and the radiance you carry. You are a powerful example of what #family should be! Blessings to each one of you,

  11. For any parent that has seen their child or children go out on their own including those parents that sometimes get the raw end of a deal because of a bitter split up; all I can say to Parents alike, my own grown children, keep your heads and hearts open.


    They are FREE BIRDS, just as we were and our parents and grandparents before us. BLESSINGS TO ALL OUR CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN….CHILDREN LET YOUR SOULS GUIDE YOU FOR GOOD PARENTS TEACH YOU RIGHT FROM WRONG, Just some parents do it in a different way than others…


    It is not until our own parents and grandparents have left this world, do we parents, (fathers and mothers alike) realize that their memories remain in our hearts.


    With Honor,


  12. What an exciting adventure for your daughters to be on. As parents we miss our children when they are far from us, but they will again return and be reunited with us.
    Something I have said to my children is, “I have to let you make your own mistakes, because you will learn so much, and I want you to have your freedom to learn different things than I learned.”

    prayers for a beautiful future

  13. Robert,

    My wings are strong they carry me long distances
    My heart beets true to the rhythms you have taught me
    My legs run fast on wooded paths back to your door
    My hand in yours once more

    The earth has filled my soul with love
    My eyes reflect the beauty seen
    I dance the dance to the beat of one heart

    Your love once and always mine
    Brings me back home to you
    Father, you are my guiding light
    Do know how much I love you

    Thank you for raising me well
    In love with all I am
    A beautiful, strong woman, molded from your love
    Stengthened by the land
    Our people, stories, song and dance
    Keep me grounded in the earth
    Are carried on hawk wing and a prayer
    Through all the seasons of our lives
    I will return to you

    With love and respect to you and your beautiful strong daughters!
    May adventures always bring them home with more stories to share.

  14. Robert,
    What an amazing blog, three beautiful voices sharing values, wishes, joy and abundant love. May the adventures bring out the beauty in all of you. When I am on an adventure it always brings out the best in me.

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