1. Hope
2. The Dance
3. Medicine Man
4. Witch Hunt
5. Sundance Love
6. Tony & Allison
7. Little Indians
8. The Dream
9. An Kah Na
10. Cyberspace Warrior


We are running out of this CD and it will no longer be re-produced which is a bummer because this was my break-out work, my second album recorded with Warner Bros in 1996. Here is what one reviewer wrote about it’s release: “This album broke new ground in creating a Native American musical identity. Holding onto his tribal roots, Mirabal fuses his music with modern grooves to produce ‘Alter-Native.’ Helping him put together this very intelligent and unique album was Michael Wanchic (guitarist for John Mellencamp), Kenny Aronoff (former drummer for Mellencamp) and Mark Andes (former bassist for Spirit and Heart). The result forges Tiwa rhythms with emphatic backbeats and bluesy guitar riffs. One of the great truly ‘AMERICAN’ albums OF ALL TIME. If you want to know what Mirabal is all about, check this one out.”



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