May 13 2014 – 4 Inches of Snow/ Strange Days have Found Us.


WOW! – went to bed watching a snow storm, dreamed of being in a swirl of snow, woke up to a blizzard.
Last weekend the girls and I put in the Peruvian white and Taos white corn seeds. All of us got a touch of sun on our skin.
Sunday afternoon a couple of the Kiva brothers had a “bro” version of a Mother’s Day Barbeque for me and the girls. We also had a a fair amount of over 70 degrees of warmth.


HAHA! – feels like the day before Halloween – now we’re a few days shy of Thanksgiving.

Ski valleys got dumped on. However, they have been closed for a month already. Horses have shed their winter coats and my poor hummingbird friend that bounces around from feeder to apple blossoms had a new girlfriend. He seemed happy just the day before. Now their frozen feathers flutter – an argument of why did I journey up here to this freezing cold.

The tricky wild plumb and apple blossoms who felt clever in sprouting out a bit later are brown and many have fallen to the ground. To say the least, everything froze.

Grandpa laughed when he heard that white folks on the east coast watched a rodent to tell if it was going to snow or not, “Rodents can’t tell if it’s gonna snow” he said. “It’s the Buffaloes that hold the snow in their hooves.” “Watch how they run and stomp the ground, they’re the ones who call the snow.”


The small herd of buffalo that the tribe has must be thinned out twice a year. The early part of the year and the fall/winter months. Guess what they did this weekend, however, a bit too late.

I have to believe that’s why the snow comes.

It’s no big secret that the land that is seen from the Old Taos town is a mysterious and majestic place. The mountain constantly looming over us, watching us to see if we will make a mistake. We will. Everyday and every night we make the misty mistakes. Failure is a beautiful thing – when we learn from it. It puts the watchers in a hazy quandary.

The spring-run-off has been running for over a month and the head gates are still closed, and the plowing has been difficult in dry fields.

The mistakes of few is the demise of many… The few who have decided to lease our water to the southern states, “they”, whoever they are demand more from us. How can you give away something that isn’t yours, sad times. Maybe that’s why it snowed and froze humming bird feathers along with the burned up wild plum and chokecherry blossoms that will be gone from us.

Money doesn’t grow on trees – plums do…

Maybe we have made one too many dumb mistakes, and the mountain really is fed up with us making way too many mistakes and not learning from them, I want to believe that everything is a blessing and when it all fades to grey and the quiet man stands alone looking it is a blessing, a very profound blessing.

Welcome my new readers and old, welcome to the changing world where soon we will be doing the hydrochloric acid rain dance.



13 thoughts on “May 13 2014 – 4 Inches of Snow/ Strange Days have Found Us.”

  1. The earth is a living being and she does what she can to heal her self. She gets weary from breathing and digesting what we leave her. And then we wonder at what she does to clean and heal, cool and refresh…

    While it snowed in Taos, we had thunderstorms that made the weather watchers wonder… The house behind our back fence had a large pine tree just snap and fall onto my neighbors house. Luckily it hit mostly the carport and I don’t think anyone was hurt. (pics on fb)

    I wonder what it’s going to be like in about 15-20 years.

  2. Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya! HO!

    Good afternoon Robert,

    The sun has been blazing nicely over here. I am turning brown…..Maybe you will turn white?

    Acid rain! Well that just might be what the medicine doctors ordered for all the mental health disorders plaguing humanity.

    Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya! HO!
    Let it flow Robert..oooooooooooooo

    Much love,

  3. .. in the snow in the middle May..the hummingbirds hang tough and so shall we…will miss you at Santa Fe Bandstand this year you are always such a bright light…

  4. Hi Mirabal-Man,
    You have snow and we have record heat, high winds and fires out of control. We will gladly send you some sun and happily take your snow!
    If only it worked that way.
    Our Earth, our greatest blessing, how can we continue to use our blinders and refuse to change our ways. One way or another the point will get across, weather!!, we like it or not!

    With love and respect for Earth and you!

  5. My old horseshoer/farrier used to say “Watch the pecan trees, they are never fooled by Mother Nature.” In order words – if the pecan trees are starting to bloom, then plant. If not, wait and watched for the time when they do and plant, my friend. It has never failed me so I watch & wait.
    Thank you, Robert, for your words of wisdom, my friend.

  6. Dear Robert,
    Acid rain dance, ouch! What then shall we do?
    But it’s not then, it’s now. This Summer.
    This Summer I vow to laugh more often,
    play every day, pray more reverently, and
    love deeper than ever before. Plant Sage in your garden.
    She’ll help.
    p.s.maybe make plans for acid rain…we humans learn the hard way.

  7. I was wearing my sandals when snow fall here… And just the very next day it was 30C… Sky looks different this year – weird clouds and rainbows… and even northen lights came down to the south and almost reached here. Perhaps ist the time we look closer to all the processes and feel the connection to our Mother…

  8. “You need to stop waiting and believe in your dreams.” – Po’Pay.

    Blessings to you Robert,

    I am able to see in my minds eye, healing for mother earth and her people. When you dance, sing, and make music with love in your heart, I believe that you are helping. Those of us who can join in with our thoughts, compassion, gratitude, and honor will magnify that healing.

    in humility, love, and honor,
    one of your fans,

  9. Awesome…..Do It! Just fricken do it.. I believe in you,,Your beautiful. No pressure 😉 ….. Blessings. O:) <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. in Indiana my mother in law taught me something that most people laugh at until they have planted and i have not. we have a yellow bush that blooms before the last snow. i never plant until it has bloomed for the last time. i have had people think i lost it until they plant and get frozen out. i have found this to be true.
    my grandmother never planted until after mothers day. between my mother in law and my grandmother. i have never lost any plants. if it does snow i cover my plants with milk cartons.
    i listen to the elders they do seem to know. they are very wise.

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