1. Isidro’s Song (Live) 10:34
2. Yuta’s Song (Live) 4:45
3. Eikos Shaman (Live) 5:43
4. Moonlight Song (Live) 4:28
5. Eikos Shaman (Reprise) (Live) 3:44
6. Extinction (Live) 5:39
7. White Buffalo (Live) 5:58
8. Masa-Yume (Live) 4:19


Winner of the New York Dance and Performance Award “Bessie” in 1992. This was my first album recorded on Warner Bros. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. It is a musical score created for the critically acclaimed show “Land” by Eiko and Koma in 1992. Chanting, drumming and singing are featured in this traditional Native American composition.



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