1. White Horse Dreaming 6:09
2. Indian Pony 5:11
3. Spirit Rider 3:27
4. Iron Horse 6:00
5. Runners of the Snowy River 4:45
6. Riding Alone 4:35
7. Fear the Colt 6:14
8. Riders in the Rain 6:57
9. Last Ride of Cochise 7:33
10. Whitehorse Rides 6:18


This was the first of three Johnny Whitehorse albums I recorded. In this one, imagine a time of great horsemen riding across the plains and desert plateaus. Warriors and dancers celebrate around the drum. Ghostly visions appear in sand storms and rain clouds, a sign from the great Mystery to which we are all connected. Johnny Whitehorse weaves tribal drums and native flutes into a mystical tapestry of a time gone by.



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