Ok, we’re coming to the end of our year, still busy but not as much, winding down to the greeting of the new year and the beautiful rest, sleep and slumber of winter in the Pueblo.

Every year, the girls and I stay in the village for the quiet time, the season of mother earth’s rest; I’ve traveled many places and I haven’t found a culture that lets the mother rest for a moment, we do, however, a when I was kid story comes up again. hihi

Many many more families would move into the village after the harvest. It was a simple and amazing time to rekindle the old fires of the village and see the families walking in and out of the walls.

Those days are fading and fading fast, I don’t think people would move in the old village even if you paid them, but be that as it may, we are still here and some families still believe in the inner migration of the soul, the village, the inner sanctums tummy.

In the village when it storms up a good snow
thick flakes falling,
on the cold crack’d earth

you can’t hear it’s flirting, it’s teasing,
dancing us to sleep.

Why do we return this pristine, old, present time,
this overwhelming love of the ancient,
hugs endless kisses you drop, offer as we sleep soundlessly in our village home,

a song of snow is calling,
loud as a thunder drum
a singer in the cloud world is singing,
come, ye all you faithless faithful!
some get called out by name, some hear it before it happens.

a pueblo snow is bending,
the evergreen cedar and pinon trees
a pueblo snow falling is running down,
ants, mice, puppies

You see now the sky river’s look how they rage in anarchy, beauty and laughter,
in the wintery pueblo they are in charge

it’s the quiet heart and only the serene heart of man that is majestic today
clinging on the decaying memories of old things that are vanishing,
in a sad, lonely cold flow of disarray

I sleep peacefully every day in my village as the snow is falling,
on the floor of cracked earth

snow flirts and calls me out it is teasing,
asking for us to the dance,
the dancing in our dreams.

sleep with electricity and the hum of cell phones rage, I sleep better when water doesn’t drip from faucets and when an artificial woman of technology finally gives up to call again..RM

Winter is here ahhhhh. I was gone hunting in the east and it started chasing me in those quaint towns and cities on the east coast. Now it has followed me, caught me in my night’s slumber..

I’m in love with an element. The element of winter speaks to me and I listen, and it’s always better when we listen without words.

Thank you all of you..!!!
I hope you fall asleep smiling…



  1. Mirabal-Man,

    After putting another log in the wood stove
    I stop to read a glimpse into your world.

    This winter is not as cold as past winters here
    Snow has not yet visited this valley
    The weather man predicts rain and snow this week
    I predict calls to and from family this week…

    Blessings to you and yours,
    May everyone who reads this find a reason to smile today.
    Love to all,


  2. How’s it going guy? Barbara and I are in for thanksgiving week this year instead of Christmas. Wasn’t sure if you’d be back from “back east” yet. And I HATE that I won’t be here for the concert next week. (Need a good bass player? : ). I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about those people at Standing Rock and it kept me up for a couple of hours. Seeing those people getting fire hosed in that kind of cold (you’ve been near there) reminded me of Tiananmen Square, and I’m thinking gees this is America, not red China. And then I thought about…”America”…land of the free and home of the brave. And in the early morning hours of thanksgiving, I think of that “legendary” story of the first thanksgiving that we were taught about in school…I don’t know how true it is…Indians teaching “Pilgrims” about corn…feasting together…awfully sunny story we were taught…and I realize that the pilgrims were the first “immigrants”, that felt a righteousness of taking over this bountiful land. And perhaps that migration was inevitable at some point in time, but to realize the descendants of those people are the ones bitchin about “illegal immigration” today… it really really pisses me off that my people still have no regard, no memory of what they’ve done, and don’t give a flyin £

  3. It is my guess that this is why the mountains call to me where the other half of my family live out west and Wants to summons me away from the sandy and salty Earth that I stand on most of my year. The cold Wind that blows from the Rockies enlivens the spirit within oneself. The first snow and the last reminds us that as we too need slumber for a much needed rest from the year passing. Whether you are lucky enough to sit around a fire or not with snow falling around you it is a Time to relax and enjoy family and give thanks for all that we have received this year. Then sleep wishing for peace on this Earth. Grace to you and yours.

  4. i love to walk late at night with a full moon when it is snowing . . . the way the snow can muffle the sound of progress and civilization as they courses through the neon veins and arteries made of asphalt. It’s calming. It’s dreamy.

  5. Robert,
    Your Inner Sanctum inspired this:

    As the dark time stealthily approaches
    Allowing for rest and introspection

    Bringing reflection, acceptance
    And Understanding

    Allowing for hopes planned for
    Acted on,

    Embrace this time of inner life,

    quiet, still, intimate with self…

    Renewed. Ready. Responsive.

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