IN THE BLOOD/ Sorry Not available any longer…

1. Big Chief Escapes 0:42
2. Medicine Man (2007) 5:29
3. Indian Johnny 3:21
4. Brave New World 4:16
5. Holding Up The Sky 3:55
6. Little Indians (2007) 3:58
7. In The Blood 3:57
8. Tsel-Mö-ah – Butterfly Song
(Featuring Patrick Mirabal) 4:27
9. Ee-You-Oo (2007) 3:30
10. Theo’s Dream (2007) 5:10
11. Things Are Different Now (Featuring Paul Fowler) 3:53
12. Pottery Shard Man 3:59
13. The Dance (2007) 5:58


Winner of the “Best International Album” in 2007 at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. The thirteen tracks on this CD blend scenes from the American experience —past, present and future — with themes from contemporary Native life, some sung in English and others in my native Tiwa. Love songs merge with ghost songs that further roll into Americana ballads and full-on tribal rockers. I like this quote regarding the album, “Produced by Nashville legend Andy Byrd, the record will please dyed-in-the-wool Mirabal fans as well as attracting a brand new following. It’s the strongest songwriting and performance that I’ve heard being put forth today from an indigenous point-of-view,” says Byrd. “This album follows a narrative cycle of songs that reflects the quest for a brighter future.”



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