Hawk says, “SNOW DAY!”

Sharp Shinned Hawk staring at me.

Seems the whole state of Nuevo Mexico is under severe winter storm. Every where we went on the Blue Corn Journey was filled with some weather extremity. Every time we go on tour it rains, snows or the original weather changes, from hot to cold or cold to colder. heehee

I’m not saying it’s us, however, it’s nice to feel a bit of magic running through your veins.

I’m studying the Hawks now and they seem to be guiding me. Do they know? Has it always been this way or is it just coincidence? Who knows maybe I’m finally coming to understand my own sixth sense.

If she flies across from right to left I see a pattern, and if she flies left to right across me, that’s also another sign. And when she’s just sitting on a branch, that’s also another sign.

Seriously, I never thought I would actually say that I have a Totem; I’ve felt a kinship to certain creatures, I’ve composed songs regarding certain Totem animals. However, I really never had one that was connected to me in a way that these Hawks have been in the last few months.

It started out with a simple siting on one of my runs, then another until the Hawk that I was running towards didn’t move except his head to watch me pass him. They always look like they’re posing for a photo. I’m gonna start doing that. heehee

One of my close friends was going through some health issues in the spring/summer of this year, and there was no way I could connect with her. It seemed every time I saw the Hawk it gave me a sense of clarity and enlightenment; somewhat of a connection to her through the Hawks. A feeling of understanding and relief.

Eventually, the uncanny connection was more than just that. It became more and more. The sitings were almost daily. Was it me seeing things differently, was it me opening my eyes finally to the magic or was it more than that? Was the hawk actually communicating a connectedness that was real and apparent.

Before my Aunt Mary passed away, a peregrine falcon circled me from south to east to north and west, three times on my Rio Grande Gorge run. It is a wide expansive open area and the falcon was so close I could see the yellow around its eyes; then it dove north and flew away to the west.

Was this a prediction of things to come? I lost my Auntie that afternoon, and then three more important people in my life back to back within that month.

There have been other interesting events such as this. So many now that I’m much more aware of the signs now.

Hawk totem/
Here is some info on the Hawk.

What do animals tell us? We will never know unless we show up in their world.

How do you interpret the signs? Be aware and the signs will have consistency to them.

Am I going crazy? hahaha  No you’re becoming more and more aware of your surroundings.

I think the signs have always been there, however, the mind and heart was much more open at the time to receive the blessing and the guide.

One thing that happened, as I look back on this, was that during the extreme connection when my friend was ill, I had no connection to her by cell phone or any other form of picking up the phone and dialing. So within the run, the wondering and pounding on the earth, I made the soul-connection to something. I feel much more profound than an Android, I-phone or I-pad or I anything. The awakening took place when all artifices were shut down and a complete restless heart and mind found solace in the spirit, spirits of the earth.

All I did was turn things off and walked and ran the ancient paths.


Maybe it’s all random craziness; not anymore, I am connected to Hawk just as much as I am connected to some of the closest people in my life. However, without a word of communication or an email or phone call, I trust the signs of the Raptor much more than most.

Let nature be your daily guide, receive her into your life, trust her presence, and all will be as it should be.


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  1. You mention the falcon flying in a circle – south, east, north, west – does the direction of a circle have great significance? I seem to have lots of people telling me about the meaning of the direction of circles but many of the ideas are conflicting.

  2. mahalo nui loa, Robert…. such a strong reminder for me for the gratitude of earth and sky connection

    looking forward to catching your show at El Farol…

  3. Miribal,

    Thank you so much. Superb blog. I am not an expert on this subject but thanks for reminding me to stay connected.

  4. Robert,
    I’ve felt a connection to hawks and eagles for as long as I can remember. They are magnificent birds. Thank you for sharing your sentiment and connection to them. You are speaking for many of us who love them and feel they are part of our soul.

  5. Interesting…Hawk keeps showing up for me as well. Sometimes catches me unaware, as a delightful surprise…other times, as a sentinel, a constant witness to my journey. And I always thank it, for the reminder…of the bigger picture and the mystery.
    Thank you for this.

  6. gracias por el testimonio de la vida y de la realidad natural, la vida es el reconocimiento mutuo, nos volvemos sensibles y reconectamos sin esta comunión mental y la sinergia con nuestros hermanos animales, plantas y piedras; Siempre hablamos de nosotros, pero nosotros orgueuilleux vuelto sordo. Gracias de nuevo por recordarnos que todos estamos conectados y que cada uno de nosotros tiene un vínculo especial ave un animal, una piedra, una planta. Buen camino para que usted y su compañero de camino.

  7. u r more profound than “I anything” !!!
    we have to teach/show our children this…
    …ur vIsIon and message IS real..
    ,,, the earth is blessed home… thank u for sharing … blessings

  8. They are messengers, allies and extensions of your soul. We all have animal spirits and angels around us, showing us we are supported in profound ways, we cannot even fathom. Just as we cannot understand the ineffable nature of God/dess. My birds are ravens (when there is deep magic afoot) and hummingbirds (when there is healing and sweetness to be acknowledged). Deer appear when I need to remember to be gentle. Gratitude towards your animal spirit, will unfold its secrets and deepen the telepathic connection.

    Hope you will visit Northern Cali, one day, when the spirits call you.

    <3 Willow

  9. It’s good to hear that your seeing & hearing your spirit guides again, i say again, because when we are children, we see & hear them everyday & thru out us growing into adulthood & going thru our lives, we have closed our hearts to seeing & hearing the animals like we used to, so it’s a very humbling experience to realize, that we all are being shown how much that we really are loved, well, this past 2 years, i have as well, opened my heart again to my surroundings & the 4 directions of love, there isn’t one creature, one bush, or one tree that i do not see differently, i see their souls it seems, their faces in their leaves & branches are defined to my eyes, when every bird sings around you, they are saying something, & how is it, that one could just simplify their heart enough, that you just understand in your heart what their saying & without having to ask, what does that mean, what are they trying to say, well, you just know, & it calms your heart, our creator is doing best to show all of us that we are not alone, & it is magical, & were not done leaning, but it’s an awesome awesome thing, it’s <3 LOVE <3 , the more you open your heart to it, the more you will see what I'm talking of,,,,bless you Robert <3

  10. I have the same – ravens. Follow me everywhere. In fact, when we moved across town, there they were the next morning. My daughter just looks at me and smiles. Her connection is with human spirits. At first, she was afraid – but, I told her not to be. They would not interfere or harm her – had a few try with me, but they immediately stopped.

  11. Hawks are special to me, so majestic. My place of work lies near the beginning of where urban water run off meets the wetland for a cleansing before it reaches the sea and hawks often are perched on light pools waiting for prey. I have been be late because I pulled and watch.
    I find crows interesting too I don’t think I like them and am always reminded of gang-bangers when I see them.

  12. Thank you for posting this story Robert. I sometimes will see a red tailed hawk sitting in a tree or on top of a street light when I am driving to work. I have always thought of the hawk as a messenger from the spirit and yet find it so difficult to grasp the message. Sometimes I think it means look to the light or to try and see things from a higher perspective and sometimes I think I’m just nuts to think about it at all. I love reading your stories I see a humbleness in you that I wish I could find in myself and as much as I want that I find it to be so very elusive. Thank you for sharing joy, hope and inspiration through your story.

  13. Thank you for sharing, reminds me of the dream I had this morning of which I am still trying to understand. Wishing you and your family a wonderful weekend.

  14. —————————————————————————————–
    Birthdates 20 January – 18 February.
    Earth influence The Cleansing Time.
    Influencing Wind The North Winds.
    Totem Buffalo.
    Direction North.
    Predominant element Air.
    Elemental clan Butterfly (Air) Clan.
    Function to carry through.
    Birth and animal totem Otter.
    Plant totem Fern.
    Mineral totem Turquoise.
    Polarity totem Salmon.
    Affinity colour Silver.
    Musical vibration E Natural – An octave above Deer.
    Personality Friendly, Unconventional, Independent, Dynamic.
    Feelings Detached.
    Intention Imagination.
    Nature Humanitarian.
    Positive Traits Inventive, Reforming, Perceptive.
    Negative traits Unpredictable, Rebellious, tactless, Eccentric.
    Sex-drive Hot and Cold.
    Compatibilities Crows, Falcons, and Deer.
    Conscious aim Knowledge.
    Subconscious desire Wisdom.
    Life-path Creative strength.
    Must cultivate Inventiveness, Tolerance, Courage.
    Must avoid Rebelliousness, Eccentricity.
    Starting totems Otter, Buffalo, Butterfly, Fern, Turquoise, Salmon.

  15. The otter

    20 January-18 February
    A little thoughtful and unorthodox. The otter is difficult to understand sometimes. Otter methods may not necessarily be the first choice to get things done.

    But otter methods are still quite effective.

    The otter has an unusual way of looking at things, but he or she is equipped with a fantastic imagination and intelligence. Often fortunate in perspective and very intuitive.
    The otter is a good friend is sensitive, sympathetic, courageous and honest. The otter can be a rebel without scruples, and isolate themselves often from others. Do tit on original ideas or solutions.

  16. Hawk…messenger of the sky, circle my dreams and teach me The message as we fly.(Jamie Sams, author) The Ancients recognized Hawk as a messenger bringing tidings to their Earth Walk,the Good Red Road, from the world of the grandfather’s and grandmothers who lived before them. Hawk medicine teaches you to be observant,life is sending you signals. Thankyou for sharing your amazing stories and may the light of spirit fill your heart with Love always!

  17. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If we would only put down all the gadgets and clutter us humans seem to accumulate in our life then I truly believe all would experience the wonder and amazement of our humble, gracious and oh so magnificent animals and is so doing would feel as you do. Some are hunters and others hunted. It is the life cycle and the balance of nature. I think this is why people loose that balance. Who is to say that we “feel pain or happiness” more than any animal on this planet. For you Robert it is the Hawk that has chosen you; for as you run and re visit the Hawk’s domain it is his respect and trust of your presence to allow you to be in his realm. Kindred Souls stay just that; if you were to ask me. Blessed are all living things our supreme father has created. . Sherry, Nov. 30, 2013.

  18. Mirabal, Man.
    Todos nosotros somos ‘traumas de la infancia’. – Espinosa
    A winged ally! Hmmm…might be the time to reconsider that whole ‘devil as muse’ reality. I have found – no surprise – that you’re not the only one. There is a writer, Pat Conroy, who has been financially successful with this muse too. He found his way out through his writing: The Great Santini, The Lords of Discipline, and now The Death of Santini.
    Sitting in a spiritual teaching recently, a woman asked the teacher “Let’s say we end up ‘down there’. What’s ‘down there’?” Without missing a beat, the Buddhist teacher replied, ‘Buddha Nature. Buddha Nature is everywhere.’ Reminded me of an encounter that the author of Eat, Pray, Love describes in her book. While speaking to a spiritual teacher, she asked about choosing positive or negative to follow. He answered (something like..), ‘It’s like this. Everybody gets to go home. There are 7 realms of Heaven and 7 realms of Hell. Both end up at the same place. The only question for an individual is which way to go.’ Seem like a no-brainer, right? But it’s that doggone ‘trauma de la infancia’ that we each must face
    One last thought. Years ago when I was very ill, I began taking Zen Archery lessons. It was my great, good fortune that the Official Bow Maker to the Emperor of Japan (a 17th Generation Samurai!) was visiting and came to the dojo where I was a student. I was confused by his presence. I asked him why he was here, in the United States, instead of in Japan. He answered ‘Because my job is to keep the Art of Zen Archery’ alive. It is in this country that people want to learn. No one in Japan is interested.’ Today, his answer has me thinking about the work you and others are involved in with corn.
    Con mucho Amor y mas Esperanza.

  19. Hawks still come to me often,when I least expect them. Many years ago, I learned the red shoulder hawk call and I would bring them into the valley just below my work. They would fly in and we would call out to each other. This would last for usually 15 to 30 minutes. I would call and they would respond and the conversation would just carry on. Sometimes multiple hawks would respond. It was a truly amazing experience, I felt very connected to them. I don’t work there anymore, so I haven’t had the opportunity to communicate with them like that recently. I see many types of hawks regularly, but not the red shoulders. You have reminded me to make the effort once again. You have a way of doing that you know!
    Thank you for being you!
    With love and respect to you and your loved ones!

  20. Hi Robert, my friend who died along with his wife and their baby Aaron who was two god bless his little heart. Melvin Pesata and Denise were his parents who perished in a flash flood in Arizona back in August of 2001 just before 9-11…. Melvin and Denise were waiting for me and my friend Kevin. We were on a road trip up in Colorado and northern New Mexico. We had went to Dulce on the way up to Colorado and we stopped at my best friends home and knocked. Krista came to the door Melvin and Denise’s daughter, she said “Melvin, Denise. and the baby are in Farmington taking in a movie.” So I replied tell Melvin we will catch him on the flipside of our trip next Friday. On our way back Kevin and I missed the turn off to Dulce so we decided to stay in Questa that night. Melvin, Denise and the baby finally must of left and went later after his Son Drey and their daughter Krista had already gone up ahead. It had been raining real fierce for an hour straight and when Melvin and the family started walking down this arroyo to this out door concert in Arizona a flash flood of water 8 feet high came from behind and took their lives. Unfortunately I lost my best friend his wife and baby that day August 10th 2001. Dulce lost a great family. Any how Melvin was known as the Hawk (messenger). We Jicarillas know the Red tailed Hawk to be the messenger. If you want to learn more about this go to Dulce and talk with Darren Pesata his brother.
    Jon Casias

  21. Robert what I failed to say is thank you for opening your eyes to a Spirit Animal my friend Melvin The Hawk..

  22. Hey Robert,
    No sooner did I write you, when a few hours later this morning as I was doing my chores, I walked out my back door and a hawk was perched on the edge of my roof right above my head. We looked silently at each other for a while and it calmly flew to a branch on a tree just a few feet away. We continued watching each other for a while longer and it glided away over the fence.
    I haven’t seen a hawk in my yard for at least a year. I am sure it’s around but the timing today was incredible. Here’s to hawk experiences!

  23. My this is a good real experience many have,so you are not loosing your mind.All creation you see,feel,here and speak with do cross your paths depending on your need.Maybe Hawk was looking after you you in time of need(protection)mentally,emotionally and physically.I had Hawk like you once too.I came from a broken house like many do growing up,I can tell you I spent as much time outside with all creations and learned from them,(animals mostly(relatives)I did not trust the humans around me much..connections of all I made reached my heart,saved me from a path of self destruction.Then came a spiritual Awakening and a deep sense of my surroundings for sure.A Ring Neck Dove came to me one day,flew in a small tree above me,started to talk it’s talk,So I made the same talk back the same,thought it was odd.Normal behavior of Dove is skid-dish,shy,flighty,quiet. when you see one.Immediately I thought of my Grandmother who has been really ill and said to myself,She is going to pass within three days,In Shoshone Elder told me for them it is the Owl that brings bad news if it stays by you and talks for three days someone you know will pass soon.So i just made a guess with the Dove.My Grandma passed on the Third Day….Her and I closest among the rest of Family,Only because she gave me unconditional love and support.She watches over me I know this. I would not be here if she was not.I believe that all creation ,when crossing your path on your Journey of life help us in so many ways.We all need each other .Relationships are vital.Thank you for sharing the great experience,Glad you have felt what it feels like..

  24. Raven/Crow——They will follow you too,I was trying to track some friends in the mountains by a huge lake ,five feet of snow..Did not know what direction to go.Raven shows up and Kah-Kah at me to get my attention ahead of me on a snow covered bolder….I would get five feet from Raven and he would Kah-Kah he kept on,so i figured Raven knew the way,about 45 min later I can see two people ahead,Raven went away..Then I knew for sure It was my friends..Ice fishing ..It was..Or if i hike alone,Raven will hang out with me ,flying from one tree to another ,Then when i find a spot i want to hang around Raven will pick a tree and stay there..Will kah-kah-kah-kah 4-5 times vs two times as a warning call that someone is coming my way,every time that happens ….within 2-5 min people are coming..In the middle of no where…Raven gives me notice ,out there anything can happen,I am more scared of strangers than Bear or cougar.I am blessed to have such caring spirits where ever i go.

  25. Esperanza preciosa. Please know that I offered what had already been freely given to me – balm for the Soul – during my own healing, con amor y esperanza. Te extrano linda.

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