Harvest Moon – Check in.

I’m not yet there of the Brave New World he spoke of…Are you?

Thoughts and more thoughts of the world and where we are all headed, all that you are is in your palm of your hands, if you don’t give it away your owned by it, life is full of knowledge and answers however we sometimes we all refuse to walk into the world with and open heart…blessings my friends here is a basic update of the farms.

Corn porn, corn doing what it should.

It already feels like October here in the high mountains. The bears are moving about, they’re the ones watching if the weather is gonna change quickly. They’ve been a bit lethargic. However, I have seen evidence of their munching the sweet starchy tops of the midsummer Corn – tasseling nicely and the pollen drop has begun – the ears are underway. I’ve been picking already and eating corn, the beans are doing great, the squash, pumpkins and leafy plants are a bit behind. We shall see what produces as they like a colder climate to grow and stretch out.

Fairly good patch of squash, wish them luck.

The Summer Monsoon has exceeded expectations, and rain came at the right time. However, with good rain comes weeds of various kinds and temperament.

The wild plums (Bpoo loo loo) did not grow this year due to the frost in the spring; however, the chokecherries are getting darker and juicer and it’s time to make syrup and preserves.

Chokecherry in delight, bears love these.

It’s been a very odd year for the farmers this year and consistency was the key. It started out fast and heavy and it never stopped. The August cold front of the high mountain dessert region was powerful and strong. It made everything wander about like a prairie dog scampering and watching intently from its hole home.

The Kioty looking regal in sepia, doing battle with weeds…

The Kioty as well as the Red-buffalo have had their share of beatings this year although they’re hanging in there waiting for the next job. Working with machinery helps immensely, and they have become part of the team.

Stay strong everyone. The fields define our strength and weaknesses; we are all chosen to walk the path of the great ones. Walk softly on earth watching plants shine and die, blowing in the wind and getting rooted up by the same element.

We are farmers of the new, chosen to walk this moment in time to sing and dance a song so ancient even the corn has forgotten the melody.

I’m here with you all, wherever you are, singing and praying for the delight of the new harvest.

Blessings my friends and family who walk the way of the earth..

Defined, carved out for earth’s work


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  1. You paint such a beautiful, vivid picture with your words. I can feel the wind and smell the earth just by reading.
    Thank you.


    Thanks for adding the Alduos Huxley quote. 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnWCGq8FhJo
    I read the book also. May we listen to the seasons and raise the seeds so that we can feed our families and those who need us. Natures bounty brings health that chemicals can only try to imitate.

    It is very nice to see how the crops are doing. I am concerned that in the town I am in, they are saying that it might get to freezing temperatures tomorrow night. I plan to put some plastic over my corn/squash/beans/melons to help insulate it. I shall post a picture of my humble corn on a share on my fb page. I tried the 3 sisters method of planting, plus i improvised. I also planted some tomatoes on one end next to the corn. They seem happy as well. I think I planted cantaloupe too late, but shall see if I get any. There is at least one watermelon, and a few squash as well corn tassels etc. My beans did not do as well as I hoped. My friend grew peppers, tomatoes, squash, herbs like oregano, lemongrass, parsley, cilantro, basil, and tried to grow broccoli and cabbage. Also planted but not producing anything this year are apple, plum, cherry, and peach trees. It is a test to see what grows in this area that I moved to almost a year ago. The rototiller was larger than I could manage, so the ground was not worked as early as I would have liked.

    I have been thankful that I have been able to go barefoot in my garden, however if there were snakes in it, I would wear something more protective for my feet. I removed most of the broken glass that people who lived here before had left.

    prayers for good harvest, and blessings to all who read this,


  3. Mahalo, Robert for your beautiful word pictures… I needed to read this encouragement and connection this morning…. Coming back to New Mexico has been such a gift ……. it is good and right-for-me to be with people that grow their food and flowers, gather what they can and live close to Earth Mother. [Pele is awesome but for other lessons and life experiences]

    Be well.

  4. Aho Robert,

    After hours of intrusion while working, I am so Grateful to see your words of the good red road, set in music to my ears. Huxley was a visionary, as are many that seek to protect the old ways. Thank you for sending your sweet gift to the middle of the battle..as always, it is serendipitous. Peace Out as well as prayers for a perfect harvest to fit the needs of all blessed to partake. Aho.
    Lee and pets

  5. The warmth of Mother Earth during the day and the coolness of the night always stirs excitement as the seasons change to remind us of the anticipation of the snow. I love the changing of the seasons and feel quite fortunate to be able to embrace them. The changing of the aspens as they quake in the breeze with their yellow glistening smiles waving saying to me, “Get ready its coming!” The smell of the wood that the neighbors are cutting in anticipation of the frigid -50 below nights. Yes, the most awesome are the changing of the berries: Capulin (chokecherry), Champe (rosehip), garambuos (mulberry), and the currants! The smells of the roasting of the green chili and apple orchards come to life! Yes, its going to be a great winter!

  6. Blessings to you my brother for walking the way of the earth…and sharing what is truly important. Haho.

  7. Sometimes it is so odd.. that you are now ready harvesting and ending your summer… as we are now ending our winter..
    The days grow a little longer each time t he sun rises… the wild big gum tree’s called blood woods are getting the big deep red and crimson blossoms..( not all gum tree’s flower in summer.. most do in winter)..
    Some of the summer wattles are dusting the breeze with there delicious scent and tiny golden dust…
    The pigeons are suddenly everywhere as are the doves,.. cooing and bobbing with the fanning of tails and wings to attract a mate…
    The morning chorus from the feathered friends is now loud enough to wake me with out the need of an alarm clocks shattering sounds…
    The tiny critters that work so hard all summer are suddenly more active.. bee’s ants. bugs of all sorts.. butterflies… and the not so nice but still useful flies and mozzies..
    Still the odd colder nights or lower temp days.. but all in all spring is well upon me here..
    I sit beside the wharf on Sunday’s watching the sea birds over head ..and the little dolphin family that i have watched since early February being playful…
    When i first seen the 2 babies.. they were soft pink to light grey… and maybe 18 inches long…
    Now they frolic with their Momma’s and are around 3 feet long give or take.. and have the deeper greys of their adult colors..
    It is funny how it seems like i have been alone and yet I am surrounded with so many creature friends and never feel alone so much…
    My older son got married this past weekend… It was a crazy rolla coaster of stress new beginnings emotions running so high as i met his bride the day before the wedding.. met my tiny grandson for the first time.. met all the ones id know so long but not seen in many years again..
    So much to catch up on in only 4 days…But everything around us.. good or bad shows and sends us blessings… and teaches us…
    At the moment of him placing the ring on her finger and she on his.. saying the vow pledge of the rings to each other.. a keeing cry rang out over head.. and a pure white sea eagle circled above us..
    The day was blessed.. and i felt so very privileged for them to receive such a blessing from this stunning creature…

    Your farms are strong like you and your people… It is wonderful to see them growing so well..
    Many blessings to you and yours…

  8. Thank You Robert…Love my work and love my home…
    anytime I read your blog…I feel more grounded…connected to earth and spirit….even when I didn’t know that “something was missing”
    This is a gift you have… for me…and I am sure for many.
    Thank You again…
    Ann W.

  9. Robert, ‘how does your garden grow?” very well, it appears. thank you for sharing! Jon, my friend, planted a couple kernels of the corn you passed out several years ago at PoPay performance here in SF—-they grew somewhat tentatively in a tray in the house- he transferred to another pot and now they are outside a foot high!—pueblo corn right outside our door. I don’t know if they’ll get to seed stage–but they are a thing of beauty. The corn has been an inspiration for Jon, who had a stroke several years ago—it inspired him to stay connected to our Mother the Earth…. Many thanks again, Hope I can make it up there for your feast day, busy time with tours—I always mention Po Pay to visitors– John L.

  10. Sometimes I feel like there are two persons inside of me, the one that
    finds it chilling those quotes from A Brave New World and the other is one who is cheered by a song by a member Monty Pythons Circus
    “Always look on the Brighter Side of Life”
    Watching the news brings out the first and it is a dose of reality and the second reading your blog or links from Julian Lennon’s Facebook page and that is reality with hope.

  11. I have never read that book but think I will now. Definitely going to order it ASAP. Thank you Robby. Hugssssssssss. hehe

  12. Hello Robert,
    I adore your pictures, especially the one with you and the corn. It is breathtakingly peaceful and thought provoking at the same time. While gazing at it I found myself swept away in a dreamlike state to your corn fields staring at the magnificent Taos sky. Your beautiful Taos mountain in a shadow like state behind me and cool breezes ruffling my hair. I saw and heard your Uncle Tony playing one of his ocarinas, you know what one I’m talking about, the red clay one with delicate horse hair designs on it. It was a sweet melody, soft with gentle pauses to keep you lingering in the moment. Slowly it faded away and I was brought back to reality or was I?

    After I read your words, another moment. Pure reflection, Thank you!!
    As always much love and respect to you and all of Taos Pueblo!
    A special thank you to your Uncle Tony for such a special gift.
    It was your picture that took me there:)

  13. Hello Robert,

    Glad to read that your garden is surviving the constant rainfall. I decided to do mostly plants this year as I feared the seeds would rot in the ground. Tomatoes DO NOT LIKE continual rainy days. Nor do cucumbers. The peppers have done ok; but have to pick them quickly or they get spotted. Egg plants, total no go. I did not plant green beans, but those I have gotten from the farmers have been great. My cabbages just decided to grow heads, so far they are still rather small. Big decision on how to preserve them, kraut or relish. The weeds, well if I were a 4-H’er, I’d been getting purple rosettes for a number of varieties.

    I hope Mother Nature comes up with a better weather pattern next year; however, I must admit I like not having to drag a hose around watering. I did have a bumper crop of tad poles in the pond. Numerous egg strings and watched about 15 little toad-lets leave the pond. Froggies are still losing their tails and playing coy.

    Blessing to you and yours, and prayers for an uneventful harvest time.



  14. I am always so thankful for you Robert…Your words are a picture into you soul…that is set forth for those who follow you…Still, I say. One day I shall meet you..and I will understand more of your spirit….I am a great grandmother but I believe a meeting will be….Again, thank you Robert , I am always at peace after reading your soul….for that is what you pour out to us weekly…

  15. Good Day Roberto,
    I’m having a tough time right now. You and your words often lift me. This morning there’s not a new blog, so I’m going backwards…
    Krishnamurti said ‘It is no sign of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society’. Edward Murrow – what a voice – indicted television as one of the drugs. What then must we do? Corn porn’s my vote.
    Te extrano,

  16. Mirabal_Man,

    I checked to read your new blog. Seeing that there is not one, I am hoping that you are having a nice break. My thoughts are that perhaps you are busy with your crops.

    Blessings to you and all who read this,

    may all farmers have a bountiful harvest.

    Rita, I hope that all goes well for you as well.

    love, light, music, and compassion to all,


  17. Rita,

    there is a website that I go to when I am looking for a spiritual nugget to contemplate. Here is a quote I found there today:

    A Seed for Contemplation

    You find you get a great deal of love and interest from just looking after the well-being of those Souls who are looking to you for some of their spiritual food.
    —Harold Klemp
    The Language of Soul

    p.s. The quotes from there come randomly from a selection of quotes. if you would like to get quotes from that same website, here is a link:

    Even when I am having a tough time, I try to do my best to help uplift others too. I hope you have a good day Rita. (And whomever reads this) — I care, Amy

    p.s. he is including the animals that look to us for love as well.

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