On these days of solstice transitions, I wish to thank all of you for the support love and honor you have bestowed unto me and my girls. It’s been a year that flew by like a jet plane. I hope and pray for all of you that you find what you seek and that in all of the beautiful creator’s abundance, may the spirit grant you love, warmth, happiness, good money, abundance, friends, sexiness, community, love making, good food, dreams and all things that make up for our understanding and growth..

Tobacco smoke offering to the heavens, to the earth, to the water, to all things that guide us, Happy holiday’s.

I love you,


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  1. Mirabal-man,

    Blessed solstice to you as well. Agreed, this year has gone by, like a blink of the eye.

    May everyone find the beauty in their own life, love and light to all, especially those missing someone this time of year.

    Happy whatever you celebrate this time of year… I know that there are many paths to the same great mystery or whatever name that you choose to call it.

    love and blessings,

  2. Robert,

    To understanding, love, growth and blessings, I smudge this space!
    (I thought it was another way to raise one’s glass,haha!)
    One of the most cherished blessing is to read you and know we’re loved by you.
    We love you too.
    I believe in the good things coming for all.
    With Love and Respect,
    Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Blessings to you and your family and loved ones during this Solstice Season! And may everything you wished for us come to you also! “Oweskenno….Thank you for being”

  4. You have touched me gently
    not on flesh nor lips
    not in usual ways
    man embraces woman

    you have caressed my heart
    with spirit fingers
    and caused me to feel
    the security of your love

    let there be no tears ever
    nor feelings of being
    helpless or inadequate
    you have been a sure shelter

    a voice of tender passion
    to warm my winter’s eve
    familiar arms that welcome
    the jaded traveler home again

    where roots of oaks and willows
    grow deep into fertile soil
    and secretly entwine
    beside ancient rivers of peace. My husband of 3o yrs passed recently and your songs bring healing I wanted you to know with this poem

  5. Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to offer this prayer. May you have a beautiful 2016 and find what you are looking for as well. Your girls are a true delight, what an honor to be with them.

    Merry Christmas,

  6. Gratitude for your love and your prayers and for you being who you are.

    Wishing love, truth, and joy for you, your family, your tribe, your nation and your world.

  7. Prayers and blessings for you as well,

    The moon will be full very soon, may she smile upon all of us.
    May love and compassion bring about healing globally.

    May the beauty of the season touch everyone’s hearts.

    I spoke with a woman aged somewhere between 35 and 45 who was far away from the family she has grown to love, she decided to give gifts to everyone in our local home for the elderly. She noticed that one did not have much in his room to make it very homey. He was grateful for the blanket that she gave him. She decided that instead of focusing on what she does not have that she wants, she would focus on helping those who have little to nothing. She plans to visit him and will be giving him something that he would like for decorating his room.

    If we are missing being with someone, may we brighten someones day.

    in honor,

  8. Robert, May the Blessings and Peace of the Universal Spirit fill your heart with love and joy! I’m looking forward to your concert here at the Rio Grande Theatre in Las Cruces in January.

    Peace and Love, Wayne

  9. E.T. suggested that I should come to Taos on December 24th, but unfortunately all the other people who could do my job already asked for time off this week – they asked about a month ago… I will be sure to visit in 2016.

    Merry Christmas to you and your girls.
    Thank you for bringing music and dance to the world.

    Double A

  10. Robert,

    May peace and joy fill your heart and home this Season of Christmas and always. May you always walk in sunshine.

    I wish for you, love, always love and joy.

    Hope to see you sometime again.

    Your Florida NRF friend,

  11. Dear Robert,

    This special solstice moon glows on all of us, lighting our path into the stillness of the calm winter night.
    Reminding each and everyone how much we affect one another.
    May the love in our hearts bring joy to someone in need.
    Spread kindness, live and love with your whole heart.
    Teach others by being and doing…

    To you, your family, your pueblo, the whole world…May peace and love heal and lead the way.
    With much admiration, love and respect as always.

  12. NB (Nota Bene, Latin for “note well”):
    I hope I am not being too talkative, but I felt like “noting”, in Latin as a remembrance of Christmas Eves of old, the beautiful energy that lives on this page, the beautiful energy Robert knows how to create to surround everything with love and sharing, in the best Pueblo tradition, that of beautiful gifts of time, work, warmth, humbleness and dedication to love in all its facets.
    Like no others, these are the true values that touch our hearts.
    Even though, sometimes, scarce words or too abundant words or fbody language -frozen by winter bites- from those who are shy do not “embody” (haha) all the feelings their heart contain, I am sure that all their silent and slight notes of affection and sharing are known in the heart.
    To all who read this, my heartfelt gratitude for so much love in words, deeds and intentions, uttered or not.
    I know the healing is coming, for all.

    For this I am grateful, may joy fill the Hearts of All, the Heart of Earth, the Heart of Love.

  13. From seed to smoke, I am grateful for the spiritual, healing powers of herbs. I thank you for your thoughts Mr. Mirabal. Blessings O:) <3 3:)

  14. Thank you for the prayer and gratitude.

    My gift to Team-Mirabal and the blog readers:

    Merry Christmas and Blessings
    May each and every one of you who reads this
    Find something to be thankful for in the NOW
    I hear that gratitude is a key
    Leading to more abundance and happiness
    May we each find a way to brighten someones day

    Everyone is worthy of love, even if they may have forgotten
    God loves us and created us in the image of love
    Gave us the gift of creativity as a key to find our joy in life
    Sometimes love comes to us in unexpected ways
    Like an act of kindness from a stranger
    May we all do our best, so that we can find the blessings
    Especially those that come from following our intuition

    Blessings that we all find a reason to smile
    Love, light, and compassion,


  15. Merry Christmas dear sir. I just had dinner here in Brevard County Florida was an old timer and his family who used to grow tobacco. I have always enjoyed reading your blog. It does get sad in my heart the old times are gone yet one thing for sure tradition remains same. My sons in their forties have my grandkids home I watch grow everyday and it is in their hands that our future lies. Made the heavens bless this earth we call home.

  16. (yes this is in response to a specific person,
    but my love goes to everyone who needs it)

    I offer prayers that you and everyone
    who is hurting will find love in their life
    (This love can even come from
    sunlight’s kiss upon our skin
    or a kind word or action from a stranger)
    Remember that when you are in pain
    It is your own pain, not someone else’s
    That your pet feels and responds to
    If we can shift our attention to compassion for our pet or other being
    Then we can start to heal – stress is one cause of illness

    What you focus your attention on is what you will see
    Be it truth or wild imagination
    I wish you no harm, only healing
    May you realize that we are all loved
    (That includes you and those whom you hate)

    My compassion leads me to pray for your healing

    I am grateful that you have shifted your attention to me
    For I will only send love, not anger or other negativity.
    There are many things that can bring our health out of balance

    Something that might help (If you choose, pick one or more to try)
    Find 5 things that you are thankful for
    Eat organic food, nothing genetically modified.
    For 14 to 20 days eat no white sugar, flour or potatoes (no processed foods) – perhaps take some probiotics
    Go spend some time in nature and appreciate it
    Listen to nature sounds, harp, or flute music
    Volunteer to help at a kitchen that gives food to those in need
    Find someone who is homeless or out of work and listen to them
    Research your family history
    Take a shower and imagine it washing away the unnecessary.
    Pray for divine love’s will to be done
    Ask God for help in the next step toward healing.
    If seeing something on any page on the internet upsets us
    we only need to stop looking at it.
    Find a page on the internet that brings peace.

    Love and light to all! (Yes, EVEN YOU)


  17. She seems to say that she has many accounts. I hope she takes someone’s advice and stops looking at the internet pages that make her mad.

  18. Prayers that everyone has a blessed year in 2016

    May everyone in cold places find warmth
    Smile and hug someone

    Dream big
    Let go of that which causes pain
    The best is yet to come

    Have the courage to look in the mirror
    And say, “I love you”
    In order to “love thy neighbor as thyself”
    One must first love themselves


  19. Mr Mirabal, please excuse the interruption.
    Prayers that all is well for you, your family, and all your fans.
    May this new year bring understanding and compassion to all.


    If you are reading this, I want to let you know:
    I hope that you are feeling better today.

    I would also like to point out to you that Mr Mirabal has not spoken with me nor indicated in any way what I should say or not say.

    If you want to focus on someone, go ahead and focus on me.
    I pray that you will find a way to look at what you write objectively, pretend it is someone else writing it. (I truly believe that Christianity has no mention of a Goddess.)

    I hope that you are getting enough sleep and food.

    Prayers and blessings for everyone in the New Year.

    Love to ALL,


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