Happiness is? Un-happiness is?

Ahhhhh the summer is near – just around the corner. Spring on the Taos Pueblo is a great time. It’s the best time for early morning hikes or runs – feel the change from winter, into spring and into summer… mmmmm love it! It makes me feel naughty, it makes me feel happy!

I want sunrise and sunsets. I want earth’s work, I want poetry, I want corn dance, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin.


This blog was inspired by events in my life and this song:

I have a little question if I may. “What is it that you think makes you strong?”

Is it because you are intelligent?
Is it because you are brave and good?
Is it because you’re special?

I’ll tell you something: I think you’re strong because you’re unhappy.
A pueblo-man is strong because he feels hurt.
He feels the difference between what the world was and is now, what he has to make of it.
The pueblo people that uphold the traditions are strong because they hurt more than others.
His wound is his strength.

I have seen recently that most ordinary people without a culture carry that pain around inside them their whole lives, until they kill the pain by other means, drinking, blaming, self doubt or until it literally kills them.

My friends, I will tell you a secret. When pushed into the dirt and others doubted me, I found another way.

I used pain and my aloneness as fuel, for guiding light and warmth on a sad night. I have learned to break the world that has tried to break me.

Come on people, why kid ourselves. We in this age of so-called information with a touch of a button love affairs – we the people have nothing to say to one another, we only want to make others feel like our problems are the only ones. Listen to my troubles and nothing else.

In this country, it seems each man and woman is for himself,.

Couples text love affairs, and google mistakes on face-book. It’s my-space not your space, it’s my face-book, unloading unhappiness on someone else while making cyber love. What’s the use?

You do your damnedest, but it doesn’t work. You carve out a speck of a diamond in the lava rocks with broken bloody finger nails for it to be stolen with other’s unhappiness. I refuse to take on other’s unhappiness, that is why I like being alone, to shovel out a ditch until the pain in your back turns, disappears and returns.

I don’t want to be unhappy because others are unhappy, boasting how they succeeded in getting rid of their unhappiness, by destroying another’s happiness.

Everyone knows it’s not true, they’ve simply kept it all to themselves.

I pray, if I’m lucky, as I get older and older, I will age as a happy man and not one that gets uglier and more repulsive.

To laugh and not hide in your secret chambers – your unhappiness, your bankruptcy, your divorce, your break up, your Dieng culture – any longer.

I guess it’s inevitable in the end. Our features are marked with the hideous grimace that was slowly carved in our teens when the girl we loved walked away with another, in our twenties when we felt we weren’t being heard, in our thirties when we didn’t accomplish what we wanted out of life and in our forties when we are totally misunderstood.

It forms silently – being forged by unhappiness, legs of doubt, arms made from fear, and heart forged out of jealousy. It climbs from the darkest places of our inner being and one day, just some random unhappy day, it sticks to your face.

A GRIMACE, Mr Grimace, Mrs Grimace, Mr and Mrs Grimace. That’s all a man is good for, that and no more, a grimace that he takes a whole lifetime to carve. Instead of lines of smiles, he blamed others. Instead of laughing, she chose tears. Instead of love, they chose fear. Instead of holding hands, they punched the walls. And instead of forgiveness, they walked away angry.

UNHAPPINESS with yourself and others is The Grimace man, carving away and unhappy because he never completed, never succeeded in the completion.

What does this all mean?
Why did I write this?

I’m trying to inspire, You, Me, Us, to be happy no matter what, because no matter what you do, it will never be enough for those who are unhappy with you or their own lives.
you can turn the negativity into the happiness of a higher love.

I would rather be alone than be unhappy. To be unhappy takes away your strength. I would rather walk the paths of my future waiting for my true love in happiness rather than sadness.

I want to forge a death mask that reads, “He looks like he’s smiling…”

The summer is almost here!!!!!!! ahhhhh I love it!
I crave a hip-bone tanned by the buffalo river that i can kiss!

Be strong,
be love,
be a smile,
be a long kiss,
be a song,
be a farmer,
be the seed,
be the rain.


26 thoughts on “Happiness is? Un-happiness is?”

  1. Thank you Robert for once again sharing yourself.

    I’m not sure what we are all looking for when we come here. I’m sure the blanket word “inspiraration” works for many. For me it’s “perspective”, a fresh (sort of) way of looking at people, the earth, the act of living day to day….”what to leave in, what to leave out”… Whatever the case, many of us keep coming back, looking for some sort of nudge that will cause us to get out of bed and do what we do with more…inspiration, perspective, drive…

    Some of us are intelligent, some of us are brave and good, perhaps all of us are special in one way or another, and some of us are plumb crazy. So please understand when you put yourself out there, the more you share of yourself in you words, we are more inspired and you are more exposed. It seems like that’s the currency exchange.

    I can walk up to you and feel like I know you very well after reading books you’ve written about your childhood, your later life, Po-pay….by the time I’ve read those and old blogs….whoa I’m a Robert Mirabal scholar! There’s probably some natural tendency in all of us, your fans, to forget, or just not realize, that you don’t know us as we may think we know…at least some of your innermost self.

    And thus the craziness begins.

    So thank you for coming back week after week and sharing yourself for all to drink in like a spring rain. You know how it feels when you drink about a pint of water when you’re real thirsty. Sometimes that’s what it’s like.


    “Grow corn. It’ll change your life!”
    Let’s hope…

  2. I still believe in magic, yes I do.
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day, Mirabal-mom.
    You deserve it.

  3. WOW! It’s as if you were there with me last night in my darkness & felt the ugliness of my unhappiness. Thanks, for your words of encouragement and for filling my heart with light. All smiles now on a beautiful rainy day…

  4. Such absolute truth Robert you nailed it !

    I love this writing of such truth and something
    We all need to embrace . Thx for sharing

  5. It seems that you have foresight, I was feeling kind of down due to much death and disappointments. I read your blog and realized yet again that life goes on. It is what we make it! Thank you so very much, Robert! You make me smile

  6. Robert, I have to say, I am moved. Your words and my path keep crossing. I had a life event today bringing my life’s history forward with a brother that I have never met and answers to our questions and insecurites about out the shared blood of our father. I found 6 generations of paternal newsprint and links back in time to Ireland 1848. Mass exodus to the USA via Nova Scotia, not NYC thank goodness.

    I have been one that is not “unhappy” but been searching for answers and connections to my ancestral background and myself. I found things this past year because of the internet and the vast range of information that is out there for the finding, taking and discovery of links to the just out of reach truths. Amazing life we have in this day and age.

    I appreciate your words to us and life is for sharing, that is a quote that I sent to my brother today when I mailed my gift for him. A 6″ binder of our family history by generation, fathers and grandfathers only.


  7. Kevin,
    Your words and thoughts are spot on. Thank you!!! May your corn flourish, keep growing!
    Take care,

  8. Thank you for putting words to what is going on here in my world. Once again you have uplifted me. Ah ho

  9. Your writing is so raw and real. It is a reflection of many lives…..I think of you often and the time I met you in your village. My life changed forever that day……

    Thank you Mirabal Man-

    I look forward to returning to Taos this summer and to continue my journey.


  10. Thank you Robert for sharing your dreams and your waking with us. Your words always come at the right time. As Kevin says,(thank you Kevin) maybe there is some tendency in all of us to forget or not realize that you actually don’t know us, as we think that we know you… But,there is one thing I would like you to know.. I am sure that all your loyal fans, as I am personally as well, love and respect you honestly. Lately I often think about the concept of “being happy or unhappy”..Perhaps the best medicine is,at least to begin with, to solve the fear that lighted in all of us.. the fear of other people’s opinion and their criticism.. ( My current fear is that I will be misunderstood, because English is not my native language, but the fear that runs through my being is afraid of being alone) Then, as a very important issue is, not the stress itself, but our response to it.. With the little help of love, smile, song, dance, seed, rain and promising sunrises and sunsets our fears turn to our strength.. May you always be fearless and happy Robert.. With respect and love, Lidija, Croatia

  11. You are too real for many in this world. I’m so happy to read your thoughts, they are much like mine, just from a different world.
    We don’t hear these recognitions much and yours make me smile.

    Please know that you are heard.

    Thank you for the love in your heart.

  12. Thank you for being ‘real’… gave me something to chew on. And thanks for reminding me that it’s okay to be alone. Cause it doesn’t always feel that way.

  13. I have always been “preached” to about how strong I am because of my pain. You have rewoven that narrative into words that wrap around my heart and my head and make a home there as a friend. I woke up this morning with my cat sleeping above me on my spare pillow, snuggling every now and then. If you like cats, it’s a great way to wake up. Purrs and Kisses = Happiness. Listening to the mockingbirds sing in the night. Yes have incredible pain sometimes but I also have indescribable happiness too.
    Thank you Robert
    Bright Blessings

  14. The smile on my face doesn’t mean my life is perfect.
    It means I appreciate what I have and what I have been blessed with.
    I choose to be happy.
    I got this quote from a cartoon character but it is meaningful and I have it on my mirror so I see it every morning.
    it helps it really does

  15. Thank you Robert.
    Your words inspire me to embrace my unhappiness, my happiness and to smile and laugh as much as possible.

  16. To keep the spirit of the child within our being, it is also the right way to maintain happiness, As long as we manage to keep it alive in our soul,there is nothing that can defeat us so much that we can not rise up again. So, let’s play like children, let’s be curious as they are.and happiness will last forever..

  17. Mirabal – Man,
    I have been pondering your words and contemplating your questions.

    That is it!
    BE in the moment!
    BE the one you really are.
    BE one with the earth, sun, wind and water.
    BE HAPPY!!!!
    BE JOYOUS!!!!

    I come back because I love your BEING!

    Much love and respect as always you, you wonderful BEING!

  18. “No matter what you do it will never be enough for those who are

    unhappy with you, or their own lives”…

    “..I have found another way”.

    Thank you for that!

    you for sharing many of those ways!

    May we all have a sense of silliness and absurdity to light our way
    in the confusion and noise.

  19. When my son, my only child, died I knew that I had a choice to make that would sculpt the remainder of my life. I could die with him and merely drift along for the rest of my life – killing time – waiting for Heaven or I could tear the hole in my heart into a larger wound. It would have been less painful to die with him. Instead I ripped off my cover and exposed my raw pain. The act crystalized my fragments – I was able to utilize the pain as a standard by which I measure all of life’s experiences. I made a deliberate decision to make my happiness as high as my unhappiness is deep. I will still reach Heaven but my journey will be more valuable.

  20. I always love to see what is coming next. smile….This time you seem to be right on in my life and I am sure many others….It is not others that can achieve for us why we are lonely, hurt , desiring, etc. This has to be each of us…our choice, to try to lift ourselves and inspire ourselves, to seek and hopefully find love,contentment and happiness….
    You have inspired me greatly this time and the song fits like second skin….
    Another day, my friend….once again, I thank you for your words…

  21. I discovered you when visiting Albuquerque recently. I left in 1967 but albuquerque always felt like home, it was where I left innocence. I’ve held too many babies as they died while I was an intensive care nursery nurse and then I removed my own son’s life support. California has been home since I left but it’s history is so short. Somehow the richness of the California native Americans was buried in the history of the gold rush. The history in New Mexico is ancient. It’s spirit is so strong. I wish I deserved to be a part of it. As I’ve spent time in a hotel that streams your video continuously I watch it repeatedly. It eases my soul.

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