Before you make a deal with the generous gambler, pull out your raven quill and sign on the doted line:
Remember: Do have a long spoon when being dished up a Devil’s large fat-portion of blame, guilt, and fear.  It always renders a strong man to his knees.

Energy is a force; of water, fire, movement, breath, dynamics of all sorts, however, it’s also related to recovery, a time of rebirth, a time of expansion, impregnation, creating more energy with what is already here and increasing the outcome in the end.

Devil says, “souls aren’t worth a damn these days. Who would want your own neighbor’s soul? I don’t have to try too hard – besides everyone is going to hell anyway hahaha” (evil laugh)

What’s happening is all forces are taking stock in past resources, endeavors, inventory of the soul parts and then to see what direction to start the new progress. Fire and water work the same way. Love and hate, good and bad parts of life take the same redirectional value path when changing routes.

However, just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean we all have to do it. Just because the Devil and God can’t get there shit together, doesn’t mean we have to follow suit. I refuse to be drawn into an idea that everyone is into, without really evaluating it first. Love at first sight is far-sighted, an idea too good to be true is always no good, the new fad diet is just a fad.

TIME IS ALWAYS AND WILL FOREVER BE ON YOUR SIDE; although… your patience will be tested BIG TIME when you talk of expansion. You’re either laughing or freeeking out.

Expansion is an outer source of energy that throws itself outward into the unknown, loaded with way too much seduction on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual etc..

Just because it’s out there doesn’t mean it’s offering you anything at the moment.

Go ahead baby, go ahead, go ahead and light up the town!
And baby, do anything your heart desires
Remember, I’ll always be around.
And I know, I know like I told you so many times before
You’re gonna come back,
Yeah you’re going to come back baby
Knockin’, knockin’ right on my door. ~ROLLING STONES VIA Louis Cipher.

Ask yourself these questions before EXPANSION OR BEFORE you make a deal with the Devil, any doubt and your pretty much signing your soul away.


Bottom line with this is if you can make a mental check list for the reason of expansion and out of the 4 if there is any doubt, then you’re signing your soul away to more problems. Clear the air, clear the elements until all 4 items are in a solid place or foundation.

EXPANSION has potential beyond your wildest imagination. Cast it far and wide, fill with the many beauties of the sea.

After all, that’s what the Devil is doing, very few things change.

POKER FACE: I most enjoy the moments immediately preceding the snag; those long, luscious seconds in which I entice my catch with an elegant lure. my senses sharpen. I dole out more bits of bait, watching as casual desire grows into a more insistent need… The horned one fishing for souls on a Tuesday.

14 thoughts on “GATHERING ENERGY – THAT’S WHAT’S HAPPENING/ Say the Devil.”

  1. Great Song. Eyes wide open. Had my dance with the Devil and I must say. Left him far behind. Thank God.. keep your writings coming. They are great. ROBBIE. PEACE AND LOVER ALWAYSTHE devil made me do it.teehee

  2. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I will reread it to realize more meaning, especially about expansionism. I know that being grateful is a key to happiness, and patience is a virtue.

    I was talking to a friend last night about Heaven and Hell and about Angels and the Devil among several other topics. We also mentioned that of course animals go to heaven too. One point mentioned: it’s the Devil’s job is to see if he can tempt us away from serving Divine Love.

    She also mentioned that each of us has a creative gift and that at the end of this life we will asked what we know about love (compassion).

    Blessings and prayers for all,
    May you have a beautiful day.

  3. While it is clear that a pact with the evil one is madness, to assume that there is a battle or contest between God and satan in my opinion misses the mark. Good and evil people fight it out on the earth and many suffer as well as the earth we live on. But In no way is good and evil in the universe on equal footing.

    We only know of Satan through The Word. It is clear he once was in a favored place with God but his pride led to a fall. His purpose as Robert shared is to deceive and distort all that is intended for good and we should consider nothing he says.

    The perfect plan of God is missed by those who follow Satan. It is not all that surprising that Satan’s followers show the same disrespect for authority as he. Nowhere in Scripture is Satan a joking matter. Nowhere is he to be taken lightly. Nowhere in Scripture do we find men or women of God taking Satan on as though he were an easy match.

    God and satan are not trying to work things out. In the end satan is finished. At the cross he lost power over life and death. The earth and its people are highly valued and we should value it and those around us…

  4. Right on. Thanks for speaking the truth about this very polarized time.

    The dark force we call Satan is up, and we must know how to heal the darkness in ourselves as a first step—not hide from it. Through integration, we can again be in a state of love for one another and for this amazing planet. But the work comes first. No simple “love at first sight”—-that is denial.

  5. Loved this blog post Robert! So, so true. We all have those “gut feelings” for a reason, and if you can’t find those Questions 1-4 above will surely serve the same purpose. Thank you!

  6. Robert, Great concert at Rio Grande Theatre last Saturday night in Las Cruces. it was wonderful to have your daughters on stage with you!

    Peace and Love, Wayne

  7. Once again Robert you touch on a subject we all deal with no matter our age. Today is the death anniversary of my last loved man I lived with for 17 years. Reminded of how he died and how it rocked all his family’s world, I say put your soul with your maker or whomever you worship on that higher power and if you are not sure who that is; say one doesn’t believe in that thought, well I agree The Devil is whirling around you waiting.

    Religion of all forms share in their fear of him. Feeling lost, let down, broken is him toying with your mental state of mind. I try to turn it around after I panic which some of us do at the littlest thing that we feel is not our normal.

    While I still have my mind I will look up to the sky, feel the forces of nature as I do and remember ALL THAT IS GOOD IS STILL RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. IT NEVER HAS LEFT MY SPIRITUAL SOUL.

    Grab on tight baby and don’t let go for if you do even during those fleeting moments of panic that dastardly Devil is waiting to take you for a ride.

    Rolling Stones, one of my favorite rock bands, my era then and now with so many cherished songs of theirs the song Wild Horses was dedicated to me by my deceased lover, friend a long ago. Our fondest of riding and the love of a horse we shared. I still romance and play it often. My suggestion to anyone who is dancing with the Devil listen to music that soothes your savage soul right NOW! AND TRUST IN YOU that you are important far more than you may ever feel.

    I Don’t always comment or blog back Yet always read, ponder and enjoy your works dear Sir!

    Be Happy With Those Who Are Happy!

    Sherry Roman

  8. Footnote: Just played video in this blog. My first husband and the father of my children was one of those brave men that fought the Vietnam War, leaving our beach home here in FL right after his draft card hit, he just graduated high school and we married before he left. He did return thank my Lord; yet I got chills watching the video. Just more enforcement in my mind to Laugh at that Devil. The word Evil as derived is known by us all. Believe .

  9. A good topic for much discussion.

    There are many spiritual paths that the Great Mystery has given.
    No matter if we are a sinner or a saint, there is always one step more. I am reluctant to use the term “sinner” because that seems to be a term used to make people feel that they are less valuable than another person. It takes a bold person to see the common thread of truth in religions. “Love your neighbor as yourself” is in many of the religions. (That seems to include both ideas, love yourself AND love others) God made us in his image is also in a few religions which means that we have the capacity to love and we have the ability to imagine things and bring them forth as art, music, or stories.

    One of the devil’s tools is the illusion that there is no way out
    from the contract that was signed with a raven quill on a dotted line.
    God is powerful enough that the devil could be banished
    So why isn’t the devil sent away? Because there is a job for him to do. His job is to see if we are strong enough to return to heaven or if we are still tempted by illusion, greed, vanity, desire that consumes, anger, and anything that brings us out of balance and harmony. As god is the representative of the positive forces, and the devil is the representative of the negative forces, there is a neutral force as well.

    God being a loving parent will show us the path back to light once we learn what we need to change within ourselves so that we serve infinite love instead of ego. God always hears us, but does not always answer the way we had hoped. Perhaps it would be better to ask for understanding.

    The “devil” is clever and will whisper ideas that may sound good at the time, but if you go back and ask “What would LOVE do?”
    You will find a choice that brings more happiness.


    Make fun of that person who is suffering, it will help them improve – for surely they only need someone to point out their problems to solve them.

    If i criticize others then I won’t have to look to see what I should improve in myself.

    My religion is the only one that God wants everyone to follow.

    If I hate another because they are different than me, god will reward me.

    It is okay to take advantage of the weak.

    Because my race, religion, or sexual orientation was discriminated against it is okay for me to discriminate against those of another race, religion, or sexual orientation.

    Nobody will know that I am taking what is rightfully someone else’s and I will be able to sleep peacefully at night.

    I do not have to respect other forms of life or nature : animals, plants, the earth, the sky, the water, and fire.

    I can mock those who speak the truth.

    One particular culture has the right way of practicing marriage and all the other ways are wrong.

    The end justifies the means.

    Money is more important than people, animals, or mother earth.

    Just because the scientific community accepts it as true, it is true.

    Because someone abused me, it is okay for me to abuse another being.

    I can’t ask for help.

    If someone hasn’t suffered the same as me, they cannot possibly care about me.

    This manufactured medicine has no side effects.

    I can’t make changes in my life to make it better.

    My explanation of how things are is the only way to see it, and my way of seeing things is the only true way.

    Because I think I heard what you said, I know what you meant.

    I can judge other people.


    May we ask ourselves,

    What would LOVE do?



  10. Well…. 2things come to mind…..

    A very wise elder once told me to always ask this question:

    “Does it grow corn?”

    Dancing with the Devil is a bit like lighting your skirt on fire because you’re doing a fire dance!!! Sound great….looks fantastic….and guaranteed to burn your butt!!!

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