Atomic F Book, is your reality show tanking?.


Perhaps this Blog has been a long time coming.

I’ve always had my ups and downs about “F-BOOK.”

A powerful Big BANg source bigger than any country connecting to the people of the world, offering interesting insights on various subjects that pertain to me or not. In the comforts of your own home, watch, troll people and see what your demographics are or how many likes you have.

It has exploded like an atomic bomb into the very place where you yourself are on a reality T.V. show, with you being the actor, director, producer, stuntman…

Kindly offering insider info on your latest and greatest moments, carefully meticulously edited, selected by you; however only the highlights are real, the real photos people don’t wanna see are of us pissed off crying late at night for whatever ten dozen reasons. We plug into our surrogate matrix reality show and we post about that vacation to Jamaica, with reel after reel of finely edited photos of our beach walks, what we ate for breakfast, lunch , snack, dinner, and sunsets in the ocean drinking way too sweet fruity drinks with brightly colored umbrellas.

Scripted so intricately with an all time superficial high that makes GAGA’s beach Party seem like a grandma’s vacation.

Been talking about it a lot with my daughters, how creepy facebook can become. I used the “book” to boost sales, channel it to my website, advertise shows, and connect with the fans. I noticed at times in the past how I used to just log on and creep around and be clever about my posts. However, in the last few months, it has become a more and more disgruntled state of mind.

I can attest that posting on the medium has lost its flair and appeal.

I studied it through the summer to see what kind of sales would generate through facebook, I stopped looking.

You see, to have a FAN PAGE you still need to have another “regular profile” page to manage the site.

I recall talking with my virtual assistant and her advising me, “wait another few months see what happens?” Continue reading Atomic F Book, is your reality show tanking?.