Atomic F Book, is your reality show tanking?.


Perhaps this Blog has been a long time coming.

I’ve always had my ups and downs about “F-BOOK.”

A powerful Big BANg source bigger than any country connecting to the people of the world, offering interesting insights on various subjects that pertain to me or not. In the comforts of your own home, watch, troll people and see what your demographics are or how many likes you have.

It has exploded like an atomic bomb into the very place where you yourself are on a reality T.V. show, with you being the actor, director, producer, stuntman…

Kindly offering insider info on your latest and greatest moments, carefully meticulously edited, selected by you; however only the highlights are real, the real photos people don’t wanna see are of us pissed off crying late at night for whatever ten dozen reasons. We plug into our surrogate matrix reality show and we post about that vacation to Jamaica, with reel after reel of finely edited photos of our beach walks, what we ate for breakfast, lunch , snack, dinner, and sunsets in the ocean drinking way too sweet fruity drinks with brightly colored umbrellas.

Scripted so intricately with an all time superficial high that makes GAGA’s beach Party seem like a grandma’s vacation.

Been talking about it a lot with my daughters, how creepy facebook can become. I used the “book” to boost sales, channel it to my website, advertise shows, and connect with the fans. I noticed at times in the past how I used to just log on and creep around and be clever about my posts. However, in the last few months, it has become a more and more disgruntled state of mind.

I can attest that posting on the medium has lost its flair and appeal.

I studied it through the summer to see what kind of sales would generate through facebook, I stopped looking.

You see, to have a FAN PAGE you still need to have another “regular profile” page to manage the site.

I recall talking with my virtual assistant and her advising me, “wait another few months see what happens?”

Well. a few months have passed, over a year actually since I’ve been struggling with this.

Posting has become shallow, even my own accomplishments seem pale on a page that sits across an ad for viagra and newsfeed post about the president.

We all had that moment of scrolling down a newsfeed, seeing, reading something we maybe weren’t prepared for, and disgusted, we log off.

Reality gets lost in a scroll of news feeds and the temporary boosts lead to more artificial boosts.

I stopped reading any comments and wondering about how many likes I garnished. I turn off my phone more often, and the only reason there is a news feed on my F-Book is because it’s connected to my Instagram (seems Ironic, although a much better, less bullshitter site to manage my personal reality show…augh the MATRIX)

It’s complicated, Like the status bar, there are shady politics. Did he or she read my post, and if they did, why didn’t they comment, or the dreaded unfollow button…augh. For some it’s great, it’s the only way of connecting with friends and family, for me it was great now it’s time to unplug, pick up a book and actually read ink to paper.

There is a GIGANTIC F-Book dump, miles wide in darkness with the occasional electrical storm in the distance. Somewhere in the eithers of the Matrix, where screams and yells of dying temporary pages that haven’t been opened for years lay dormant, hoping that one day the clicking sound of the ole password will reignite, fire them up again.

In light of selfie-stick culture, (don’t own one, haha)

One might argue, have we gotten worse with time?

Have we gone too far?

Does the tide shift back?

Are we there yet?

Only time will tell.

Maybe this will become a trend. The mass departure of F-BOOK …F YOUR F-BOOK!
“Facebook you suck. You’re not attractive anymore. You can”t keep secrets and your friends lie. Truly you’re losing your allure in the cool circle.”


Even though I’m leary, follow me or not on Instagram, or every once in awhile pop in and read my blog at, run, walk, cry, read, take mushrooms and stop using flouride toothpaste..hihi

32 thoughts on “Atomic F Book, is your reality show tanking?.”

  1. Mirabal-Man,

    May you have a beautiful day.

    I stopped using toothpaste with flouride back around 2012.
    I don’t own a selfie stick either 🙂
    I was never one to worry about how many likes my post had.
    Blessings for everyone


  2. Mirabal Man,
    Interesting blog, thought provoking as usual. F-Book has never been for me, I guess I am too private. The fact that I say anything here at all is a testament to who you are and what you share. I hope you won’t drop this one, but I would understand if you did.
    I hope one day to see you in concert or talk story with you like I did with Patrick once in your shop a few years ago.
    I really do send love and respect to you and yours,

  3. No matter where you can be found on the www I know where you are on the planet these days. Maybe I’ll show up at the shop some day.
    I miss the way it used to be even before FB. FB is a window of how people treat each other and lately it’s not pretty. That’s probably why people aren’t spending much time there any more. Some people may actually have to go back to having a real life and leave FB to those who don’t have a life. It once was a way to connect to people who you wouldn’t normally meet. But moving on with changes is required by life. We can move on and aceept it gracefully or go kicking and screaming but we WILL move on. We’ll always have memories and the music and hopefully we will find a new way to connect that serves the relationship, whatever it is. Sometimes it feels more than artist and fan and other times it’s nothing at all. But down in my iTunes you are there. All of them, are there. Along with books and video. Keep planting and growing. ‘Til we find another way to connect.

  4. I totally agree with you on this, but I don’t have instagram or I would comment on that. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs and love the wisdom and they way you see things in life. I know that I have become disenchanted with facebook and all of the political crap that goes along with it and the hatred and nastiness by people you think are your friends and even sometimes family that deleted you because you don’t agree with them. It is a drama site at its best. I hope to still read your blogs and see the world through your eyes. My best to you always.

  5. Robert, I agree with everything you say here. I guess that I have to get all “set up” with Instagram . . . Whatever it takes, my wife, Joyce, and I will keep following you. We wish you (and all people of Taos Pueblo) a wonderful day and life . . .

  6. Robert….I hear you…..I used to use it as a form of back up therapy..a way to write my thoughts on the human race and this planet… thrust my anger at the stupidity of the politics of failing men and women who I felt did not care about what happens to this planet…Then I woke up and realized it did not matter ..meaning I found Peace…The Human race will stop or go on….
    no matter what I say or do..This Planet will always be here in one form or another…unless a asteroid comes along and shatters it…that is the way of things…F-Book is just a way to keep recordings of our every day lives the CIA and other government entities want to keep track of the population that decides to use the technology ..then they sweep the data…I used to post family pictures more…It is creepy to think that some where in this world is a data bank of all our images and lives….In the old days they the ones who wanted to keep track of us had to hunt us down now the human race comes Freely to all they have….we were warned about this.. but most are to busy to listen………I am in the process of getting those friends that I want to keep close address and phone numbers.. I am down loading all my pics on FB that I have lost thru the years in one form or another… Then I will be closing my account…..There is so much more ..To Live Life ….and to always Love…..To direct one self down a path that leads to so much more….I know the road to Taos…I know the road to tomorrow and beyond….Much Love Robert and Safe Journeys..Love and Peace Robbie….

  7. Facebook plays host to a generation of people who believe that only their opinion counts, and God forbid if your opinion is different than theirs! They hide behind the annonounminty of FB and use it to be mean.
    I never post anything personal because every time I have the posts have been jumped on by a bunch of strangers who do not know me or anything about me and just want to be argumentative. I weep for our society of zombies who walk around in a cell phone scrolling daze. Instead of reading about life on FB put the phones down and go out live it. While there are plenty of nice people and posts on FB the bad are now out weighing the good. I too will be shutting down my acct. and enjoying
    the lost art of living off line. Best wishes Robert, enjoy life. I wish you happiness and success in all you do.

  8. I have really enjoyed facebook but I am fairly new to it. I certainly your blogs. I have weak teeth and go up and down on the fluoride question though I have refused the new super strong ones my dentist recommends. I have not found nothing negative with just the regular ones. The years I did not use fluoride my tooth problems worsened. So some things are just a trade off. Anyway, I will miss you and will look at your website…not savvy on instagram…hope I get to see your music performance soon. Have a wonderful day…No Dapl!

  9. Mean not found “anything” bad. And another thing about facebook, I don’t think people use the privacy controls which do help keep unwanted things off your page. The ads are irritating for sure, but I guess that is how facebook stays free to us…thanks again.Robert. Blessings to your and your lovely family.

  10. I feel pretty much the same as your insightful thoughts on this…the photos of relatives I don’t get to see anymore, some sentimental cnnections with friends are the only valued thing FB offers me…I bet instagram would even do that better. I will try to figure out how to join it …THank you zRobert for your eautiful mind and heart

  11. i thank you for your personal touch. i thank you for your artistic heart. hope you are not gloomy from the elections. you have done so much for so many. there is so much you can do. you can work with some at risk kids in your community and ask them to handle your online media (fb). you can get some of them into the music arena and have them beef up your musical presence online. you can get into local politics and get the kids to handle your online tribal issues. you can run for president. people these days don’t understand what it means to be a farmer. it’s like being a king. you can teach agricultural issues online. i think you are probably one of the only existing native american who still farms your family’s original land. i’m probably wrong there but you are surely the most vocal one in this area. hope this helps.

  12. My sentiments exactly. My facebook account was hacked for the second time in less than three months. Don’t plan on going back on. It’s unbelievable how attached everyone is to their cell phones. Not me, just use for urgent calls or when I’m traveling in case I break down. I’m back to reading real books, make actual phone calls if I need to speak to anyone. Facebook is a form of mind control, which our government uses to keep track of us. Actually heard a story of someone walking off a cliff because he was too busy looking at his cellphone. Everyone is focused on the little device in their hand. Wake up people, go live your life. Your real life. As for me, I’ll stay disconnected. Love, peace, happiness and blessings, Bonnie

  13. You have been so real with thoughts and feelings. Your growth as a human being who is also a Dad, talented gifted musician and song writer, and your deep deep love for all that Mother Earth has been a gentle anchor point in my life, since being so moved by your music and words several years ago.
    As a teacher, instructor, muse, a voice you have been so helpful to me and others.
    Thank you for the work you have done with ‘Orgins”, it is a beautiful difficult journey.
    Thank you for sharing music that is often so different that your own. I have participated in Butoh dance. I play the shakuhatchi for myself, in choose the depths and tones in the meditative tradition, rather than to have a teacher, regardless of his fame. Unlike you, I cannot bridge the gap between creative and performer. This is an immense challenge for you, but makes you the artist you are. You put out so much. I hope that respite from Fbook will allow you a space to do your own writing and thinking, not giving so much to the outside world, but your inside world.
    Taking what you need, and giving what and when you can.
    With sincere appreciation for your efforts and many good wishes for your future endeavors, growing fan base, and joyful times with your daughters, family and friends,

  14. I found this post to be a little funny but true. You see, I got on FB just so I could get your blog or whatever and have truly enjoyed that part of it that is you and yours.
    As for drama – it started right away with my sister and morphed into a big deal but we worked it out.
    I’m technologically challenged so I don’t know if you’ll still be posting or not and I’m not on Instagram but please know that some of what you have shared has meant the world to me, including the info about farming.
    I had a garden this year and did pretty well with it, even got some ears of blue corn from what you shared with the audience at your performance. I’m buying a grinder and looking forward to having some blue corn blueberry pancakes this winter. I learned some things about farming/gardening from my great-grandmother but never really realized that I learned until I put my hands into Mother Earth some 7 years ago when I was still in Texas.
    I write 2 friends that are in prison in Texas and all my books are made of paper and ink since my favorites aren’t the kind that most people read. In fact, I have 4 bookcases full of books here in my happy little abode.
    I hope that all goes well for you and hope to continue to hear from you with your words of wisdom and beautiful music. Many Blessings of Health, Happiness, Light, and Unconditional Love & Understanding to you and All My Relations.
    PS I pray and stand with all who protect and guard our Water and Mother Earth everywhere.
    Thank you again for being you and I’ll see you at the performance in December at TCA.

  15. Greetings,

    This is perfect, I left FB because it became such a negative place all to often.
    I prided on, if I am here I want to make people smile if I can with my art etc. & to see family that live afar of course. When I went to your web sight, I smiled.
    Thank you
    I may just go back to writing letters. There was always something special about that.


  16. My take on FB is just like Sprite and caffeine, “never had it, never will”. Winter is coming . . . blessings to you Robert.

  17. We never meant to ” trash the essence of your world”,,, much Love and Blessings,,, “cyberspace warrior” >> <<

  18. Farmyard Fencebook

    Look at ewe said the sheep
    Sheep don’t care
    Prefer to eat, fat cow
    Why involve cattle, it’s not market day
    Trust a goat to butt in

  19. Sorry to see you leave, but I can understand how you feel! I am still on FB to keep in touch with veteran and church friends of mine, but the appeal has gotten less and less for me as well! I will miss the videos and photos, and I am not that familiar with Instagram, but I guess that is where I will find you, other than shows that you will do in NY, which I hope that you do again! By the way, your show last night made me want to know more about your culture, because, when you spoke about how connected you are to the water. to the river, and that, with the water dying, the river will die, and when the river dies, the corn will die, and when the corn dies. you will die(paraphrasing, excuse me if I am not totally correct), I could feel the tears welling up, envisioning the demise of a beautiful, indigenous, traditional culture!
    It was a beautiful show, an eye opener, and somewhat sad as well, and I wanted to post on your FB page, but that is not available now, so I commented here!
    I do selfies, but I never owned a selfie stick, either. That’s why I can never get my full self in, anyway!
    I am not a good letter writer, there is always email, I prefer to type, but that will have to do!
    Be Well, Robert and family, and enjoy your Holidays! I wish that I could have been there on New Years, but alas, that was not to be be, either, but I want to see your culture firsthand!

  20. I like the email thing cause I just get your news and not all that other crazy ness that does in fact freak a person out

  21. Great words! Much respect too! Like someone above, i too know the way to Taos. 🙂

    Getting your blog by email has been a way to refocus because it is to my emails i go to first before wading into all that F%&$-book stuff lol

    i have been gradually weaning myself off of fake-book of late, like i did when having my addiction to caffeine and sugar, and one day i too will be ff-book free. 🙂

    Take care and it would be great if you can still send out your blog e-mails, but i understand if you get tired of that too.

    Thanks, and Peace!

  22. Many folks I have spoken with are choosing to keep a page for sharing with family only. Mostly because they are distant and it is convenient. I could not agree with you more. For me it has lost its appeal . Let’s see what happens in the next frontier and hope it doesn’t get as ugly.

  23. Doesn’t really matter how we connect, just so long as we do. Your presence will be missed, like the sun, or a fire on a cold night. May all the stars continue to light your song, your seed and your path, trickster, and may we all be forever changing into our highest. See you at the shop someday.

  24. I deleted my FB account on Election night. I have not missed it one bit. Thank you for continuing to write.

  25. Dear Mr.Mirabal, I do like your blog’s and thought you did a great job , you made yourself very human and reach able live it , I would hate to see you go! In the other hand I too love a good book the old fashion ones that have a front and back one that you do have to open and turn pages lol. But I’m old lol anyway always enjoyed your post and all of your arts. Ok so I will do prayers and send smoke for you and yours also pipeline. Always a fan. Sabah

  26. I missed this topic. Just now trying to keep up with emails and texting! Not sure if you get a late reply to your ” wonderful to read blog” so I will just let you in on my experience with F Book. When my husband was alive, our business endeavors failing mostly due to the nasty economic downfall that hit this area of the country big time. Well it seemed like a good idea using the F Book. Naugh….disaster especially when you open one day and someone you trusted as friends go CRAZY with photos not appropriate. Hurt both of us badly. Yeh, my kids, grandkids all use F Book. Unfortunately it’s a digital put your stuff out there for all to see world. My parents and grandparents if alive would be horrified. Glad to be rid of it. I used “Linked In” for awhile; after all my personal career was that of “legal service”. Yet for our family business like you thought F Book could help. Retired and Widowed 5 years now I only read your blog, my dog laying next to me. I ALWAYS ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE TO SHARE. You would not remember me from 2011…I ventured out to the small venue our county puts on as The Native American Festival, still lost and hit with much grief from loosing my soul mate, 9 months later my mother. You hugged me as I bought your CD’s, you felt my pain. Never will I forget it for you beautiful brown man, reminded me of my husband. I miss his stories, he was Native American. Thankfully he wrote me a short story every day of his life with pen and paper as well which I kept them all. Wise Man he was as you are too. It is evidenced in your blogging. You changed my life Robert. I hope to always read what you have to say. It’s real. Real is hard to find in most people these days. At the end of aa day working my animals I look forward to getting each story you share. Thank you always kind sir.

    Sherry, Brevard FL

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