A New Home

Not much of a blog today, more of an announcement. As I mentioned last week, welcome to the new websiteThe old site at RedWillowVoices.blogspot.com will be shut down this Thursday, July 25th. Please visit here to find my blog each week.

This site is all-in-one so you can read the blog, see my events schedule, visit my online shop and purchase my wares, etc. Take a look around.

And don’t forget, if you opt-in on the homepage with your email address you can get a FREE MP3 of a never released song Apache Stronghold.

Hope you’re staying cool, dancing, and growing corn.

Love & Honor,


7 thoughts on “A New Home”

  1. The new website looks good. I’m not exactly staying cool in Tucson, but I am growing corn–a five-foot-tall blue corn plant. Months ago I planted a whole blue corn kernel I found in a package of organic blue corn meal. It’s only one plant, but you have to start somewhere. Next year maybe my whole yard. I’ve had to barricade the plant with plastic mesh to protect it against hungry birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc. How do you protect a whole field of corn against hungry critters?

  2. LOVED seeing you and hearing you up at the Valle Grande Storytellers Fest! Please let me know when you will be playing in Santa Fe!

  3. Met you long ago with Susan Stewart in Bozeman Mt. Heard you today on Nativeamericacalling. I heard that you have a tv special coming. Can you let me know more?

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